Monday, January 16, 2017

FreeRice: Where Homeschool Meets Humanitarianism

Homeschool mamas, you all know there is practically no end to the free resources if you take the time to look. I recently found out about a website that is free to sign up for, that drills your kiddos on virtually any subject - math, languages, geography, art, science, history, and even SAT prep
- while allowing them to use their smarts to impact the greater good. FreeRice is appropriate for the enrichment of any person with basic computer skills, from a preschooler on up to a multi-degreed adult. You can play too! It will automatically figure out your ability based on your answers, and then let you improve from there.

For every answer your child gets correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Programme. Just for answering! The rice itself, when possible, is purchased from local markets in the area it will be donated, in order to boost the economy as well - having even a second impact. The program is paid for by sponsors, which you can see toward the bottom of the page.

Ten grains of rice isn't that much, considering how much rice it takes to sustain a person. However, if my kids both answer questions on FreeRice, and so do yours, and you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, we can really make sure people get the food they need. You can even create an account, which allows you to track how much rice you've donated and see your impact!

You do NOT have to be a homeschooler to participate. This program is for EVERYONE! We all can use some extra practice, all the time! So you participate too! It's for the greater good!

What do you say? Can you commit to a few minutes of vocab or math drills per day, to help further enrich your homeschoolers' education, and feed some hungry people? Go sign up today and let's get started changing the world!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Full Size Free Samples from BzzAgent!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. It helps us "keep the lights on" here at Bedfordnomics, giving us more time to bring the amazing deals to you, so we humbly appreciate your clicks. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to search for the item in the search engine of your choice rather then clicking the link.

BzzAgent is currently my favorite way to try out free items. This also helps pad our grocery budget, although when you sign up for a BzzKit it takes a while to come.

This is a word of mouth marketing campaign. They think the best way to advertise is to get people (regular people like you and me) to try out their products, write blogs about them, tweet and share on Facebook, and tell our friends what we think!

Not hard at all right? 

Most recently, I had a BzzKit for Herbal Essences bio:renew. They mailed me a full sized bottle each of the argan oil variety of shampoo and conditioner. I tried it, loved it, and spread the word around. I also informed people that one of the coupons in last week's paper was for this specific product. Folks got excited and added the items to their list. Because the company gave me shampoo and conditioner, they made several sales. 
I've tried so many things through BzzAgent. I've tried a lot of Kroger brand items - from baby wipes and diapers to chocolate chip cookies to salad dressings to gourmet frozen food. I've tried new Glade products when they came out. I had a big package of cleaning products one time. Several kinds of yogurt. A fancy beer tap machine. An Elmo toy when my boys were little enough to enjoy it. Razors, allergy medicine, groceries, you name it, I tried it. Recently I even was able to try Gatorade Organic - It was pretty good! 

You should go onto the BzzAgent site and sign up, fill out the surveys, and see what they might send you. In exchange for your reviews, they pay you in MyPoints, which you also need to sign up for - collect enough MyPoints and you get free gift cards to all kinds of places. I usually get the Panera Bread ones and take my boys out to eat there a few times a year for something special.

BzzAgent is a free program. I encourage you to sign up and see what products you'll get to try for free!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Product Review: Kiwi Crate

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. It helps us "keep the lights on" here at Bedfordnomics, giving us more time to bring the amazing deals to you, so we humbly appreciate your clicks. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to search for the item in the search engine of your choice rather then clicking the link.

When the boys were smaller, I was a member of KiwiCrate. They would send us a box of craft supplies and directions, with art and science activities. At least 4-5 different ideas. I think our favorite box was an arctic animal themed one, with a penguin shaped ice cube tray for some icy science lessons, some shadow puppets, and watercolors to create postcards which we were able to send out. There were little science lessons - bite sized and perfect for my 4 and 5 year old, at the time. Maybe a little much for the four year old, but he tried hard. They are intended for ages 5-8, after all.

Pictured above is a new crate called Glowing Animals. You can see the materials, and the finished jellyfish and glow worm projects - maybe a great one to go along with Night of the Moonjellies as a read aloud! Don't you just love when things can tie in like that!

These boxes are nice, because they come with everything you need to complete every activity, all the directions, and all the lessons. No running to the craft store to grab more stuff! Prices start at $16.95 per box, and you can pause the subscription if you're going to be busy.

Once we get moved, I'm going to renew my subscription, because they were so much fun. If you have a four day school week, this is a great rainy day five activity box! By clicking the link below, you'll save 30% on your first box.

Kiwi Crate Save 30% On Your First Month

And this is new to me - they now have boxes for every kid from babies (The Cricket Crate! So cute!) a preschooler crate for 3-4 year olds called Koala Crate, which looks crazy fun, and two options for bigger kids aged 9-16+ - the Tinker Crate, which is more engineer-type STEM projects, and the Doodle Crate, which is still STEMy, but more artsy. That's really awesome, because the artsy personality is usually way overlooked when it comes to STEM.

So check it out, these are definitely one of the most fun things we've ever tried, and my boys (who use the empty boxes from these crates as storage for art supplies) keep asking me when we're starting them up again, despite being told. Just too excited I guess!

Kroger Friday Freebie! Rosarita Beans

For those of you who do not know, Kroger has a free coupon every Friday for everyone who has their loyalty card. Today's Friday Freebie is: Rosarita refried beans. This is a lucky day for me, because I prefer this brand anyway! Guess we're having some Tex Mex this weekend! Go to the Kroger website and your free coupon should show up right at the top of the coupon section!

Great Homeschool Steal Alert: The Maestro Classics Music Curriculum

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. It helps us "keep the lights on" here at Bedfordnomics, giving us more time to bring the amazing deals to you, so we humbly appreciate your clicks. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to search for the item in the search engine of your choice rather then clicking the link.

Educents is having an awesome sale on something I've had my eye on for quite some time! The Maestro Classics is a set of 12 high quality CDs, each with their own activity book. Each CD is themed based on the title track. it includes the piece it's titled after, but it also tells the story the piece illustrates. You can hear guest artists performing the piece in different musical genres, and there are educational tracks that teach about the composer, the history surrounding the piece, and more.

The age range specifies that this is a good course for elementary aged children, 5-11. However, I've got Peter and the Wolf, which we played recently on a road trip, and simply as a music listening exercise, I truly enjoyed it - and I'm almost 30. You will use this again, after your kids are done with the lessons, you can use it as background noise while they work. Classical music reinforces retention!

Titles include:
  • Peter & the Wolf
  • The Nutcracker
  • Merry Pranks of Master Till
  • Carnival of the Animals
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • The Story of Swan Lake
  • Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
  • My Name is Handel: The Story of Water Music
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice 
  • Casey at the Bat
  • The Soldier's Tale
  • Juanita the Spanish Lobster

The CD collection stands on its own, of course, but The Maestro Classics offers a complete curriculum guide on their website that allows you to turn the collection into a full set of unit studies, with lessons in math, language, history, geography, and science. This set is regularly priced at $200.00. On The Maestro Classics' website, they are offering it discounted for $148.95.

But if you purchase through Educents, you can get it for $88.00. Considering that you can use this and the free online materials provided by The Maestro Classics to create a 12 week course of unit studies (Hello, simplicity for summer! Less planning means more time on the beach! Let's think ahead, y'all!) $88.00 is a fantastic steal.

This would also make a wonderful gift for a homeschooler you know, or for an elementary school teacher to use as background enjoyment to help his or her class focus.

Don't miss this deal! Educents deals are amazing, and they don't last forever!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workout Freebies from Monsters in Training

This is a really neat sample and freebie being offered right now. Monsters In Training is a fitness organization that has protein and energy supplements, as well as apparel and equipment. Would you like to try out their products and see how you do at the gym? Want to look good while you do it in a Monsters In Training t shirt?

Well, then this is the post for you. Follow this link and then click FREE STUFF. When you click through, you'll be able to fill out the form and choose your samples. I chose all three! Can't wait to see what my hubby thinks about these!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This Is The Post Where I Give You $5

Join Swagbucks!

Do you know about Swagbucks? If not, pay attention. This is the post where I give you each $5.

Swagbucks is a website that offers pay-per-clicks and surveys, as well as videos, rewards for searching, and cash back from shopping, in exchange for gift cards. Yeah, you say, but you can't earn much with it.

Actually, you can. You're not going to quit your job and become a professional Swagbucker, but you can earn significant rewards. I rarely spend any actual money on birthdays or holidays, and as a reminder, I have four kids to shop for. A $5 gift card through Swagbucks is 500 points, and I average 1-2 of those per week. Minimum $25 a month.Which I then use to grab deeply discounted things on Amazon, to wrap and give to my offspring as gifts.

You just get on every day, answer the poll, watch some videos -there's an app called SBTV that you can play on your phone, and it allows you to collect points all day long. Many of the offers cost a little money - I don't usually do those, but if you REALLY have been wanting to try out Blue Apron or something, why not get a little kickback for it??

So, if you're interested, click the picture at the top of this post and sign up! You'll get 300 points right away, then whenever you're planning on placing an online order, go to Shop and Earn and place your order there. You'll get a certain number of points per dollar, PLUS if your order is over $25, you'll get another 200 points - Your first $5 gift card, just like that.

Disclaimer - That link above is an affiliate link. I do use those within my posts when I have the opportunity. It allows me to keep this blog rolling. Remember, the more successful Bedfordnomics is, the more time I can free up from other parts of my life to work on it -and the more free stuff, product spotlights, and giveaways I can bring back to you!