Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imaginarium Toys $1 Shipped, Plus Cash Back!

UPDATE: Apparently they are no longer offering Shop Runner for these deals, so the regular shipping fees apply. However if you are ordering anyway, I encourage you to add these on (even if it's just to donate!).

Toys R Us has three amazing deals I want you to look at right now: First, the Imaginarium Rolling Bead Maze (regularly $16.99) is on special for $1.00 (ships free with ShopRunner). Secondly, the Imaginarium Pink Bead Maze with Mirror (regularly $9.99) is ALSO $1.00 (and also ships free with ShopRunner!). And third, Imagniarium's Three Piece Shake It Up Music Set is $1.50 (Regularly $14.99). If you pick up all 3, you can cross three kids off your holiday shopping list (or stock your gift closet, or make 3 Toys for Tots kids very happy) for under $4. Also - you can shop through ebates (ALWAYS shop through ebates!!!) And get 2% of your purchase back. So it's only 7 cents, but it's 7 cents added onto everything else you save with ebates!

So here's how you do it.

1. Go to ebates, sign up, and search Toys R Us, click through to Toys R Us.
2. Search for the toy you want to buy.
3. At check out, sign into or sign up for the free trial of Shop Runner to get your free shipping.
4. Wait for your cheap toy and get excited about your savings!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free One Week Sample of Align Probiotic!

I say we all save these until the week of Christmas to New Year's and save our guts! Go here to get your free week sample of Align Probiotic!

Free Sample of Seattle Best Coffee on Facebook

Hurry up! On Facebook Seattle's Best Coffee is giving away free samples of their coffee! Only while supplies last, so hurry up and grab yours now!


Shutterfly: Great Deal on Christmas Cards!!

If you have 3 Coca Cola caps laying around, you can get $20 off your Christmas cards from Shutterfly! Put in 3 cods onto My Coke Rewards and you will be offered a $20 gift card toward holiday cards (Good through 12/31/13). This means if you like that regular 4x8 letter envelope sized Christmas card, which are $0.89 each, you will be able to get 25 for $6.75 shipped! Check it out below:

That should take a considerable chunk out of your holiday card budget, which can now be spent on other things (Like that new tree skirt you had your eye on at Kohl's but couldn't justify!!).

So go ahead and get a jump on this while it lasts!

FREE Up to $50 on MyHabit (Run by Amazon, GOOD company!!)

MyHabit is doing a holiday promotion to get more customers! They are offering $5 for every friend you get to sign up, up to 10 friends (Or, $50!) to spend on their site. Your friends DO NOT have to buy anything - JUST sign up!! This is a daily deals site similar to the many other ones out there, but it is run by Amazon, uses their same T&C and backs up every purchase, and has been around for a few years. This is not some fly by night company like some of those who have offered credits in the past.

If you managed to earn all $50, let's see what you could come up with, shall we?
Melissa and Doug Castle, regularly $30, down to $21 on MyHabit.

Melissa and Doug Pirate Ship Playset, regularly $70, down to $49 on MyHabit

Lodge Pro-logic 4qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Regularly $74, down to $43 on MyHabit
Hello Kitty Signature rolling luggage - Regularly $90, $49 on MyHabit
Green Toys Recycling Truck - Regularly $28, $19 on MyHabit (My kids are getting these for Christmas. They are sturdy and a great size!)

That is just a would not believe how many options you have. Go check it out, get your friends invited and earn some credit! You will receive your credit before January 31st 2014, and it will expire 6 months later. So this even gives us a jump on next year's shopping ALREADY!!!

Go here to sign up!!

If you earn and spend your credit, let me know what you bought!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

RecycleBank: Quick and Easy Hundreds of Points! FREE Magazine Subscriptions!

If you are not a member of RecycleBank, good news for you - today is the day to sign up! If you sign up right now, there are activities you can do (they take 5 minutes or less each and pay out BIGTIME) and you can redeem NOW for magazine subscriptions: FREE. Available subscriptions include Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun, Parents, People, Entertainment Weekly, This Old House, Road and Track, and TONS more. You can even redeem for digital subscriptions!

So here's how to do it:

1. Sign up for RecycleBank here.

2. Go to Earn Points at the top.

3. Complete all the Easy Greens - you answer a question and click Pledge, for 10 points each. You may have 6-10 of them if you're new.

4. Find the football activity. This activity takes only a few minutes and pays out in 150 points in total.

5. Do the activity called A Look At Lunch Waste. This is just like the football one, pays out another 150 points.

6. Do this activity from Unilever. It is 6 different activities, worth 30 points each (180 points total).

7. Under learn and earn, do the activities about your greening your grill,, think before you trash, learn how to make a difference with your week, learn how to make a difference with your weekends, the spotlight on Boyce Griffith, and Florida's natural keys. These are each worth 25 points. (150 total)

8. Do the activities that say pledge to recycle paper, learn about recycling worldwide,  avoid contamination by recycling right, and recycling glass. 10 points each or 40 points.

9. To the left of the screen you'll see the daily pledge. Pledge for 5 points.

10. Under Mind Body Green and Earth911, you can read 3 articles (they are really good articles too) from each source to earn a point for each article - 6 points total.

So depending on how many Easy Greens you get, you will come up with over 680 points to buy stuff with. Here's an example of what you can buy:

1 year subscription to Family Fun - 200 points
1 year subscription to Redbook - 128 points
1 year (52 issues) of Entertainment Weekly - 400 points
1 year of Good Housekeeping - 160 points.

There are TONS more you can redeem for. It only takes a few minutes to rack up all those points - you are doing yourself no favors by skipping this one.

So go here to sign up and get a few new magazines next month!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bonjour Jolie: July 2013 Review

This was a really fun review. Now, I know most of my readers are a lot like me in a lot of ways. Most of you have kids, most of you are crazy busy, and most of you are on a tight budget.

It's easy for things to get left off the list. Who among us hasn't come home from the grocery store, opened the refrigerator and said, "Shoot! I forgot the butter." Or opened the bathroom cabinet and said, "Shoot! I forgot to  buy tampons!" It's OK. It happens to all of us.

Usually for us moms of little people, that time of the month is cloaked in bad attitudes, grouchiness, and every little thing just annoys you! Well, what if a discreetly disguised box appeared for you, right on time every month, with all the supplies you need and some extras to get you through to the other side?

Bonjour Jolie IS exactly that. They send you tampons and/or pads (your choice of brand and absorbency) enough to get you through this month. They send you some bath and body products, different from what you normally buy (we all get in a rut) so it feels special. They send a sweet treat and some tea. They send you a few Advil to get you through in travel packets so you will have them whenever and wherever you need them. And they send you a beautiful, luxurious gift, just for you, to make you feel special.

It comes in a regular brown box. Plain white priority label. It doesn't scream, "Special Tampon Delivery!" It just says, "Boring Postal Mail." Very discreet.

When you open it, you are greeted with the Bonjour Jolie logo. It says, "Hello, beautiful." Which immediately made me feel appreciated. You fold back the tissue paper to reveal your presents!

I reviewed a July box. August's will be different. It was packaged beautifully, see the silk rose petals sprinkled across the contents? The theme was Independence - it contained items from small businesses (which I LOVE!).

The gift was a beautiful chiffon sarong, handcrafted in India. It is very beautiful and will be a great swimsuit cover up. I didn't think it fit well with the theme, because of the July, Independence, red white and blue card, I thought it should be made in America. BUT if that is the only nitpicky thing I can come up with, we are winning.
There were 5 tea bags from Bigelow tea, and there was a little note that Ruth Bigelow was the one who started the company in 1945, and they own America's ONLY tea plantation in Charleston, SC, and it is still 100% family owned and operated today! I pulled that info straight from the info card, I love that they give you a little background and history in your box! I did not know any of those things.

The sweet treat was Toot Sweet Caramels, which are made locally in California. They were salted honey caramels, made with organic and simple ingredients, which I appreciated. There were 4 in the box. I had one, shared the other 3 with my husband and stepkids. We thought they tasted a little burnt, but having made candy before myself I know how easily that can happen.

The pampering items were really great! There was a lavender bath bomb by Spa Girl Soaps on Etsy that was WONDERFUL (just used it last night) and it was so relaxing. I even got into the tub with a migraine and the aromatherapy cured it before I went to bed. There was silky body powder by Bonny Bubbles, which is very nice in the summer but the scent was sort of old person ish according to my husband. I loved the By the Sea lotion by the Fleury Girls. The scent was light, the lotion was thick but not too thick and seemed to perfectly coat my hands. Loved that. And Natalie immediately lifted the 100% cotton face scrubby, which was a crocheted yarn circle that was to be used to remove makeup or exfoliate your face. She gives it one thumb up. The other thumb was still busy scrubbing her face.

 I was really impressed by this box. Here's the price breakdown.

Sarong                                             $16
Caramels                                          $2
Bigelow Tea                                      $1
Bath Bomb                                       $1.50
Body Powder                                    $1
Body Lotion                                      $1.50
Face Scrubby                                  $1
Tampons/Pads (Name Brand)          ~$8
Bonjour Jolie Box Price: $16 + $5 shipping = $21

Yes, that's right - all this and you get more than you pay for. But the convenience of having it all discreetly delivered to your house, the pleasantness of being pampered, the resulting positive attitude and feeling of being appreciated, and the excitement of getting something special and new just for you, is priceless. Most of the time, just having to buy 3 different boxes of feminine hygiene products to get what you need will run you almost $15 a month anyway, and you have to drive to the Walgreens to get it. So basically, spend the $6-7 extra, get the presents, and let someone else take care of YOU for a change.

Bonjour Jolie, you absolutely, positively win my vote.

Ashley Bedford

*DISCLAIMER* I did receive free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions, however, are my own.