Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Come to Cloth Conversation in the Church Restroom

Today we took Jazz to the Pentecostal church for the first time, because his little best buddy Riley was having a dedication service. He behaved really well, the loud music didn't scare him at all, he danced around a little bit and fell asleep eventually. He loved being kissed by every lady and old man there and he loved watching my skirt swish around (black and white, it kept his attention really well haha!) He gave Riley a nice big hug and they licked each other's cheeks in the process...ew...guess that was the boys' version of a hug and a kiss. He was altogether very pleasant and he had a blast. I of course loved seeing my friends...we can never stay long because we have to go clean (janitorial side job on Sundays) but it was good to see everyone for a little bit!

So we're enjoying ourselves, singing and dancing around a little to the music, and suddenly I see that look on Jasper's face. You know. The Look.

So, I got to have my first experience changing a poop cloth diaper in a public restroom. It actually was Not That Bad.
Another (rather pregnant) woman who was in the restroom said, "You're a braver woman than I!"

I said, "It's not that bad, really. I mean, if his diaper leaked onto his clothes, I wouldn't throw them away. I'd wash them and he would wear them again. Plus, after the initial investment, they are so cheap, I never have to run to Walgreens for more diapers."

She said, "But you have to wash it out in the toilet!"

I said, "Think of all the gross things you're going to be doing as a mother of an's really not that bad. Not for everybody, but it's certainly not the hardest thing you'd ever do."

She said, "Well, I guess so."

And asked me where I buy Jasper's diapers! I might have a cloth convert in my church! Hooray! How fun!


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