Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Few More Things for the Book

I signed up for Disney Movie Rewards yesterday and already have 280 points. It only takes 750 points to earn a free Disney DVD, classics and newer ones just the same. And I didn't buy any DVDs to get the points. All I did was entered the codes I found online. If you want a free movie every now and then, go sign up, and enter these codes


And then take the survey for another 100 points, and you'll be up to 280 just for getting started!

Also, Energy Efficient Now is offering two compact fluorescent light bulbs to everyone who signs up. Quantities are limited, so go put in your address. CFLs don't last any longer than a regular incandescent bulb, but they do suck out less energy, which not only helps the planet, but it will save you on your electric bill. Try them, you may like them. Try them, try them, and you may!

I'm excited to write that I won a contest on HomeMadeMom! She had a contest up to win a month's supply of EvoraPlus probiotic oral health mints...and since I have a husband who chews tobacco, his teeth need some help. I'm excited to see how these things work! I'm going to e-mail Oragenics and ask if it would be all right with them if I review their product on my blog. I'm sure it will be, no one reads this anyway.

Do you?

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