Friday, April 16, 2010

Not SuperMom, but Darn Close!

Yesterday we took Jazzy and Ben and Nat to Brian's parents' house because Brian's aunt is in town for the next two weeks. MIL was holding Jazzy and saying, "You're mama's baby now, you'll never be mine because she never lets me see you." Excuse me? He was always mine, he'll always love me best, he's my baby. Thanks. And she can see him whenever she wants. She doesn't ever call.

But then, she said, "And you're my last grandbaby." And Brian said, "Nah. We're having more. Maybe two or three more." She shot us both this death glare, saying, "You better not have any more children! Don't you think three is enough? I don't want anymore grandchildren!"

Who doesn't want grandchildren???


He's extra needy today. Yet somehow I managed to get all the dishes done, bottles done, 8 filled, and clutter picked up. I have to get the diapers washed though yet. I strive to be SuperMom. And I come close thanks to my Moby!!

I'm going to go over to B&N today and see whats up there, and then to the grocery store for a couple things for supper tonight. Salmon patties and a stuffed portabella. Very exciting!!

Off to feed Jasper and go shop!

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