Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Art of Contentment

I just got put in my place by a song lyric. I don't know what it is, but this is it.

"light up your face with gladness. hide every trace of sadness. although a tear may be ever so near. that's the time you must keep on trying. smile, what's the use of crying? you'll find that life is still worth while if you just smile. ♥ =]"
-posted by a friend from college on Facebook.

A lot of things are great. I have a great husband and an adorable baby boy and two cool stepkids. We have an apartment that we manage to get the rent paid for. A brand new car we can afford. Sort of. We have great friends and a wonderful family close by and far away. That job must not have been the one I was supposed to get. I'll have to explore other venues. Sylvan Learning Center is hiring tutors for the summer. I'll apply there for the meantime, and see what substitute teaching can get me. When my license does come in, then I'll have it and I can add it to my resume.

Life is just fine and I need to practice being content. Like the 3 month and a week clean, bathed, fresh smelling baby boy napping on my shoulder while sucking on my neck and pinchiing my chest. He's content. He trusts me to take care of him and meet his needs. I need to trust God to take care of mine.



  1. Ashley! I just noticed you have a blog! I am obviously not spending enough time on my Facebook homepage, but I just checked it out and saw your post! I will read this more often now... It's a great way to stay up on your life :)

    And the song is Nat King Cole:

  2. Thanks Laura! I think if you don't spend much time on Facebook that's not necessarily a bad thing lol. Facebook is for snippets, my blog is for long stuff. :)