Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Asking is Free!

Today I got the mail, and thought it was time for an update on the coupon situation.

I posted...what, two posts ago? That I started writing to companies, complimenting them, and was getting coupons in return.

So this is what I've got so far.
Earth's Best: I complimented their diapers. They sent me coupons for 2 free jars of baby food, 1 free item up to $2.99, and 4 55 cent off coupons.

Breyer's Yogurt: I told them how Ben loves their yogurt and I appreciate that it's a healthy snack, but if they could make a yogurt that would deter him from jamming them into the couch cushions, that would be amazing. They sent 6 coupons for free YoCrunch yogurt cups and 3 coupons for 4 free packs of Breyers inspirations. Also, they sent a T-shirt that was supposed to be for Ben, because he's the one that likes it, but it was more Nat-sized.

Cottonelle: I complimented their toilet paper...they are really the only toilet paper I buy. I mean, I go cheapo on some things, but when it comes to toilet paper, I buy name brand. They sent me 2 coupons for $1 off any Kimberly-Clark item and two 50 cents off coupons for Cottonelle specifically.

Mission tortillas: I emailed them to tell them we buy their tortillas about once a week because Brian cooks Mexican food, and they sent me 3 coupons for free items up to $1.99.

Parade: This is the store-brand distribution company that our grocery store uses, and they had a charcoal that Brian had a lot of trouble with getting it to light and stay lit. They told me they were not the manufacturer, but to make up for it they sent 4 $2 off coupons for Parade items.

I've been told that these companies are going to be sending coupons soon:
Del Monte
Flintstone Vitamins
Ore Ida
Apple & Eve
Pepperidge Farm
Del Dixi Pickles
Better Oats
Chef Boyardee
Scott Paper Towels
Barber Foods
Pioneer gravy mixes

And my Kraft Sample Pack is on its way.

I also emailed back the companies that just sent me "Thank you for your compliments," emails, and flat out asked them for coupons. I mean, what are they going to tell me? No? Like I've never heard that before.

Clorox, Kingsford, and Tropicana told me no.

Gillette Venus said yes!

Home economics is just like politics. If you want money, ask for it. Asking is free. And like I said, what are they going to tell you?

All you have to do is ask!

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  1. Well said. I love coupons. I used some of the websites that you mentioned on your facebook wall some time ago and I enjoyed that! Keep writing! Miss you!