Thursday, May 27, 2010

Days of Illness, Jasper's Animal Drama, and Working While Homeschooling

Yep, I've been neglecting you all. I either caught something wicked, or the allergies down here are kicking my butt. I've heard from a few people, including a fellow transplant, the lady at the grocery store, and the nurse who schedules Jasper's appointments, that it is the worst year in a while for allergies.

Apparently it can take up to 4 years to assimilate to a new set of allergens.

Along with feeling like poop run over by a truck, I've had a very mean, teethy baby, who still has no teeth to be seen. I wish they'd just get in already!

I've applied for a job at an adult daycare center, and it seems like a promising opportunity. If it pays more than daycare, I'll take it.

Jasper crawled about two feet yesterday. Did I have the camera? No. But this is as far as I could get him when I did finally have the camera.

Apparently he didn't feel like it anymore. Right now he's having a very heated discussion with the yellow bird that hangs off of his gym. They fight often over something. He grabs it by both arms and shouts at it. Earlier, he took a hold of the penguin and yanked the whole gym down on top of himself, and he panicked. Then, he realized he could get a hold of the panda (he's been dying to do that for weeks) and happy chomped on its arm with the rest of the gym on top of him.

I am now doing research on how to homeschool while working, to see if it can be done. I think it can. I'm reading articles to the tune of "be committed, you can do it." I don't see why it would take 12 years to learn to read and do math. Reading can be learned in about a month or two if you start when the kid is ready, and math...probably 4 years. The other stuff revolves around reading. I bet I could get Jazz through school two or three years earlier than the standard 12 years, have him pass his GED and get him into college, or something else he might want to do.

Anybody have any experience on this? Drop a line and leave any tips!


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