Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Get Everything You Need and Not Pay For It: Part 1 - Resources

So I had a couple people on Facebook and on here and in person asking me how I get things for free/almost free. I tried to put it up on Facebook, but it was too long to post, and that's why I linked you all to here!

First off, you need your resources. The easiest thing for you to do is subscribe to the Sunday Paper. It's $12 a year for the Houston Chronicle, I'm not sure about the PA papers. And they bring it to your house. In that paper, there are flyers for Walgreens, CVS, HEB, Kroger, Food Town, (Giant and Weis in PA) and there are also up to 3 coupon booklets: the SmartSource ad, the Redplum ad, and the P&G brandsaver. Smartsource and Redplum are food, bath, household, and medicine items, and P&G is exclusively Proctor and Gamble items.

Clip out the coupons you need. If you have friends who are coupon clippers, clip out the ones you don't need and get together to swap for ones you do. Always helpful.

Then pull out your flyers. For example, this week, CVS has Cottonelle toilet paper (12 double rolls) for $4.99. Last week I wrote to Cottonelle and told them how they are the only toilet paper I use and I love it so much especially the Aloe and E (TMI? I don't care.) They sent me two coupons for a dollar off any Kimberly-Clark item and two for 50 cents off specifically Cottonelle. So I took my dollar coupon in there, and I wound up spending $3.99 for 12 rolls of my favorite toilet paper. It's $7.66 at Food Town this week. Bargain!

Last week, I used my $4 off coupon for Nivea body wash at CVS, who was selling it for $4.88. I paid 88 cents for a $7 bottle of body wash.

Always combine your coupons with a sale if you can. Even better is when you can combine a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. Walgreens flyers have store coupons in them that you can clip out. For example, Brian takes Prevacid OTC. Walgreens had a store coupon in it that you could get the 28 count for $19.99. In the SmartSource ad on Sunday, there was a $6 off a 28 count box. So I went into Walgreens and combined the manufacturer and store coupons and spent $13.99 on a box of medicine that is normally $21.99. At Target they have the 42 count on sale for $24.99, and I have a coupon for $10 off the 42 count. So I can get 6 weeks of medicine for $1 more than the 4 week medicine.

Another place to find coupons is online at On there you can put in your zip code and it will give you the coupons for stuff you can buy in your area. Grocery Smarts gives you online access to the Redplum and SmartSource guides.

Use your online resources!! My blog, and the links on my blog, can help you. Money Saving Mom has a lot of great ideas. Penny Pinchin' Mom has a ton of good stuff on there! And Sisterly Savings does too.

Part 2 coming up next....if Jasper stays asleep a little longer!


  1. This is awesome and super helpful I use coupons if their convenient but often times I don't know what to do with them to make me feel like going out of my way to save .50c when the cost to get there is more ... But it makes more sense when paired up like this

    1. When you match the coupons on hand with the flyers in the paper, it all comes together, like that Crest deal I brought home yesterday!