Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Get Everything You Need and Not Pay For It: Part 6 - Organization

My mom will tell you I lose everything, can't keep track of anything, and organization is not one of my best skills.

True. BUT she'll also attest to me alphabetizing my books and reorganizing my shelves a zillion times as a kid.

I love to organize. I just have a hard time staying organized. My coupons have gone many directions. Right now, the system that works for me is using envelopes.

I have an envelope for food coupons, an envelope for household item coupons, an envelope for bath items, an envelope for medicine, and an envelope for baby items. Then I have a stack of the flyers for the week and put my envelopes on top of that. I also have an envelope of diaper coupons, which I give away to people who use them.

I'm hoping to get a coupon swap group going soon, so this Sunday instead of only clipping coupons I need, I'm going to file the ones I need into my envelopes and put the rest in another envelope to swap. No, maybe I don't have a dog, or use Revlon makeup, but maybe I know someone who does, and who doesn't want their coupon for Cottonelle since they use Charmin. Who knows?

But I keep all my envelopes on the table next to my rocking chair. My computer is a laptop so it lives on the floor. I hook it up to the printer to run off my printables, cut them out, and put them in their corresponding envelope.

Within each envelope, I *TRY* to keep my coupons sorted by date, with the ones dated closest to today at the front. That way it only takes me two minutes to root out the expired ones. That's the theory. I am not too good at keeping up on that. But at least all my coupons are in the same place and I know what's what.

It's not perfect, but it's a start. You figure out what works for you, just so long as you know whats what and what's where.

Only sort of messy,

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