Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Get Everything You Need and Not Pay For It: Part 4: Rewards Part B

The other kind of rewards program you need to be aware of and use is store club cards. CVS cards get you the best deals, and on certain items it will credit you money onto your Extra Care card. That is free money you can use in the store. Walgreens does a similar program, but instead of using a card, the register rewards print out of the machine that gives you coupons. Once again, free money to spend in the store. You hand it to them with your coupons, and say it's a $2 register reward, your total comes down by $2.

Grocery store cards work all sorts of ways. The Weis card in PA adds up points for the money you buy and you can spend that on rewards. Like the free turkey at Thanksgiving, ham at Christmas, and one time they had a set of Pyrex bakeware. The Kroger card in TX stores all your store coupons and sales on it, so you never have to clip coupons from the ad, as long as you HAVE YOUR CARD. Then your manufacturer coupons drop the total even lower.

Babies R Us has a deal where the money you spend adds up to qualify you for gift cards. I'm up to a $5 gift card from buying formula. Shoud be here next month. Also, after you buy 9 cases of formula, you get a tenth case free. They cost about $30, so it's nice when you can get that free one.

Having an Old Navy credit card is nice also. At Christmas time, they send me 3 $10 coupons to use, one every week in December up to Christmas. Since we live in Southeast Texas, it's hot all year, minus about 5 or 6 days. We don't really need the flannel lined pants Old Navy has in the wintertime, so the kids' clearance section has a ton of stuff for Ben and Nat. I spent $15 on each of them out of that money and they both wound up with whole outfits, and Nat got pajamas and Ben got boxers. That was all free. Well, you had to spend OVER $10 to use the coupons, so it was more like $3. Also, periodically Old Navy sends out $10 gift cards during the year.

My Victoria's Secret card is a great one to have too. Every few months they send me a coupon for free underwear. Love that. I never pay for underwear. Also, since the Victoria's Secret card also works for Bath & Body Works, I get free stuff and great coupons from them too...especially at Christmas. I stuffed Nat's stocking for $5, got her travel size hand sanitizer for free, and then Sweet Pea body wash and lotion for $5.

If you go to certain stores often, they might have a punch card. In PA, BonTon has a punch card for lingerie, when you buy a bra, they punch your card and after a while you get a coupon. At Marble Slab Creamery down here, you get a free ice cream after 10. That's taking Ben and Nat out 5 times, the 6th time is half price. Not too shabby.

Through those things, my other reward programs, and using every coupon I could find, we pulled together a pretty decent haul for Christmas this year. I think I spent a total of $25 on each kid...and if you click back to my Christmas post, you'l see our tree was decorated for $10 (tree was $2 at yard sale, prelit multicolored, and we went to the 99cent store for most of the ornaments, except the Hallmark ones. Those have been bought by my mom for the last 23 years. The stockings were 99cent store too).

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  1. I really like targets app cartwheel . If I'm not buying it somewhere else for cheaper I tend to go to Target over Walmart now .. mainly because I avoid people. But after 5,000 points or 200$ used there ( children's underwhere , men's socks , printer ink eventually you get a free item ,some of it I find really cheap like a pack of coke is 5$ but I can get a 15$ toy for my kids free or a 20$ movie ECT.

    1. I've heard great things about Cartwheel! I have never used it - never had a phone that supports it - but I know folks love it!