Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Get Everything You Need and Not Pay For It: Part 5: ASK!

I forget where it was or who said it, but it was regarding a political campaign and funding. If you want money, ask for it.

This is my new tack: I send e-mails, or make phone calls, to companies that make my favorite products, products we use often, or products I want to try.

I give them compliments, and they normally e-mail back and tell me thank you for my compliments and since I'm such a valued customer, they are going to send me a coupon good on my next purchase.

I've e-mailed a lot of companies. I do about 3 or 4 every time Jasper wants to sit down and eat, because I can't look at him or he gets too distracted to eat. He's weird.

But anyway, so far:

Cottonelle: 2 $1 off coupons for Kimberly-Clark, 2 50 cents off Cottonelle
Parade: 4 $2 off coupons for any Parade product
Earth's Best: 2 free jars of baby food, one free item, 4 55 cent off coupons, 1 $1 off wipes, 1 $1 off diapers, 1 $1 off 8 jars of baby food, and 1 $1 off formula.
Breyer's YoCrunch: 6 free cups of YoCrunch, 3 4-packs of Breyer's Inspirations, and a t shirt for Natalie
Mission tortillas: 3 coupons for free items up to $1.99
Del Monte: 4 coupons for 50 cents off a can of veggies or fruit
U by Kotex: 2 coupons for $1 off each box.
Nexcare is sending me a free box of bandages.

Just by complimenting, in the case of Cottonelle, Earth's Best, Breyer's, Del Monte, Mission, and Nexcare, mentioning that I want to try their product in the case of U by Kotex, and complaining in the case of Parade.

A few weeks ago Brian bought Parade brand charcoal. It refused to light, when it finally lit it wouldn't stay lit, and ruined our meal. He threw the whole bag in the dumpster. So I emailed Parade to complain, and while they aren't the manufacturer, they sent me what comes to $8 in free Parade stuff.

Let me show you how that has improved our life.

Yesterday I went to FoodTown. I used two free YoCrunch coupons on two cups. I used a dollar off coupon to buy Bar-S bologna and hot dogs which was on sale for 99 cents a pound, so I paid 98 cents for those. Then I picked up a roll of paper towels for 69 cents and a bottle of bleach for 1.49. I used my $2 off Parade coupon for that, so I only spent 9 cents on each. My total came to $1.17. $6-7 worth of groceries for $1.17. All because I wrote and called.

As for complaining, don't be afraid to complain. You spent your money on it, you work hard for your money, so say something if something's wrong!


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