Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In My Mailbox, and a Pic of My Free Stuff!

See all that stuff up there on the table? And the table? I got all that stuff totally free. And that isn't even all of it, there were two packages of gDiaper refills, two of the GroBaby refills (Now GroVia, the box is under the gDiapers.) A gDiaper baseball hat is missing from the picture, and one of those aluminum travel coffee cups. There was a box of spaghetti sent to us that we ate right away, Brian's computer mouse (didnt know how to unhook it), Brian's ManDiaperBag was won in a contest online, and a box of EvoraPlus oral health mints...that Brian hated and threw away, but he says he doesn't know where they are. At least they were free. I was inspired the other day and decided to take a picture of my free stuff! I was pleased.

And THAT, my friends, is what I've gotten in the mail in the past few weeks. I've got coupons for free Zatarains rice, free Earth's Best Diapers, free Breyers yogurt, free Mission tortillas, free Bar-S bologna and hot dogs, free Chef Boyardee, free baby food. And tons of dollars and cents off of many other things: Smucker's jelly, Hungry Jack potatoes, more for Bar-S lunch meat, Vlasic pickles, Del Monte canned food, Chicken of the Sea, Thomas English Muffins, Welche's fruit snacks, Eckrich sausage, Parade products, Kotex, Cottonelle, Earth's Best everything, Scott towels, Pepperidge farm, POM drinks, and Nestle Quik.
*Whew* Deep breath.
I also got my Ebates check. If you don't know what Ebates is, you should really sign up. I bought all my maternity clothes through Old Navy last fall. I started on this site, got $5 for signing up, and then I got a percentage, I think like 4% back on my purchases. I also spent a WalMart gift card through here, and made an order through Diapers.com, for stuff we needed anyway, and Ebates gave me percentages back on what I bought. They send a check every three months. This time it was $9.15. Not that much, but $9.15 more than I had last week. And if you're going to buy the stuff anyway, why not? Here's the neat thing: They pay out after you go ABOVE $5. So if you sign up, and you get a $5 credit, you just have to make one order. And they have just about everything on there. Buy.com, HSN, eBay, Victoria's Secret, Target, Gap, Sears, Kohls, you name it, it's on there. It's easy to find out if the store you want to shop from is on there, just search for it first, and it'll tell you how much you get back. Sometimes it's up to 11%! Drugstore.com right now is 8%. That's kind of a lot! And like I said, if you were going to buy it anyway, you might as well get something back.

The other thing up there in that picture is my $5 WalMart gift card, straight from WalMart to me. They send them out periodically to try to get you to go there and spend more than $5. My plan, however, is to make a battle plan with my coupons and figure out exactly how much I can get for it without going over! It'll be a nice challenge. Anybody else get their WalMart gift cards yet? Want to join the challenge?

Anyway, go write your letters, join Ebates (please click the link up there to sign up, it throws a little extra in my account if you do.) and make your Walmart plan!

Frugally yours,

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