Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pampers Brand = Major Loser

Anybody out there have trouble with Pampers giving your kid a rash?

When Jazz was born, the hospital put him in Pampers and his little butt was flame red. Huggies leaked horribly and the Little Snugglers rashed him up too, so we figured oh he has sensitive skin like his mama, good thing we're using cloth when he gets big enough.

We never bought Pampers again.

Now I hear about all these parents having babies with really bad burns on their babies' booties, I think, yeah, I believe it. I don't use them, and the only thing I've ever said about Pampers was that they gave my kid a rash, and disposables aren't right for us anyway.

Yeah, that's about to change.

This article is a report on Proctor and Gamble's response to the Pampers chemical burns.

They are first calling the parents who reported chemical burns liars, saying the reports were completely false. They then accuse cloth diapering parents of spreading rumors.

First off, I don't use Pampers, and I do encourage other mamas to look into modern cloth diapers. I don't badmouth specific brands of disposables..that is until today.

Secondly, the complaints were coming from parents who used Pampers for years until their kid's flesh was seared by them. There's a big following on Facebook of a group of these parents, how can Pampers just say they don't exist?

Now, cloth diapers aren't for everyone, but I'm sure glad I use disposables extremely sparingly and then only chlorine and chemical free ones! Jeez. My cloth diapers never cause a rash. The only rashes Jasper has ever gotten were from disposables. You can't comvince me disposables are better...just easier.

But come on. Pampers parents, even if this didn't happen to your kid, are you going to continue to support the company that is just brushing off complaints of such severe diaper rash, saying its lies, or rumors generated by cloth parents? I'm not even going to buy their wipes anymore.

They are pretty happy to attack cloth diapers though. If you want to know why any of these "myths" is the truth, please ask, I'll give you an in-depth detailed explanation. You might as well change "myth" to "fact" and "fact" to "bull."

Pampers disgusts me. I wish I could boycott Proctor and Gamble. In fact, maybe I can.

Guns a-blazin,

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