Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pinch Those Pennies Till They Scream!

Today I write while feeding my baby boy with my chin.

I sent my resume to the Sylvan Learning Center to see if I can get some tutoring opportunities this summer. And I stopped by my most successful temp agency to let them know I'm available again. Hopefully I'll be able to rake in some money. Brian applied for a weekend/evening job raking up the ball fields between games, if he gets it I'll never see him, but you do what you gotta do.

And while I look for a new job, I'm still pinching pennies until they scream. I sent an e-mail a few days ago about Breyers YoCrunch telling them how much Ben likes them, and a woman e-mailed me back saying she was sending us coupons for free yogurt and wanted to make Ben a YoCrunch ambassador! She's sending him a T-shirt! And Earth's Best sent me 11 coupons ranging from free stuff to 55 cents off. So I posted about it on FB, and my lovely friend Mary sent me a link to the Penny Pinching Mom that showed how a lot of companies will send you things when you tell them you love their product - or when you don't!

I e-mailed Parade brand to complain about their charcoal not catching or burning long and a woman said she'd send me coupons for any Parade brand item. Del Monte foods (we love the fruit cocktail for dessert) said they would send coupons. I found that Libby's is on FB (fan Libby's Table) and when I fanned them they showed me a form to fill out to get a coupon for a free can of food.
I e-mailed Spam, but they don't send coupons.
Other people who have been e-mailed:
Wolf brand chili
Del Dixi pickles
Bar-S garlic bologna
Apple and Eve
Pepperidge Farm
Chicken of the Sea
Hefty freezer bags
Mission tortillas
Kingsford Charcoal

If you fan Kraft foods on FB they send you a link for one of 4 sample packages. And Better Oats will send you a free box of oatmeal for asking.

Trying to get as much as possible for free.

As usual,


  1. I love emailing companies about their products thanks to tampax, kotex, and O.b. between their samples and coupons I won't have to buy tampons for like two months.

  2. That is a good idea, did not think of this!! Thanks for sharing!