Monday, May 17, 2010

Recycle and Get Free Groceries!

Who's heard of RecycleBank?

Do any of you recycle? "No, it's a big pain, they won't pick it up at my house."

Check and see, RecycleBank might be able to send someone.

RecycleBank is an organization that allows you to recycle in return for rewards points. They are trying to encourage people to stop wasting and start reusing and recycling. When you sign up, you recieve 100 points. When you join the eBay green team, you recieve 50 more. Inputting the code TakeSmallSteps with the partner "Marcal," gives you another 15.

You can send them your old laptop, cell phone, camera, mp3 player. They will recycle it for up to 10,000 points, and they are just taking up valuable space anyway.

You get points for recycling at your house - without having to sort. One bin with a RecycleBank tag on it is all you need. That doesn't really seem so hard, does it?

This program offers high ticket coupons for items, such as for 125 points, a free box of Kashi cereal, all sorts of Huggies coupons, percent off coupons, dollar off coupons, for groceries, restaurants, clothing, literally all sorts of stuff.

I'm trying to see if they will pick up at my apartment. If they will, I'm in. And I'm waiting for my coupon for free Kashi to come in the mail. Should be here next week. :)


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