Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robbing Babies R Us

Today's my birthday! Yay! I love my birthday.

For my birthday, I went to Babies R Us and got a great deal!

I went wild on Earth's Best organic baby stuff with coupons.

I got two boxes of cereal, one was regular multigrain cereal (retail: $2.79) and the other was rice cereal with apples (retail: $2.89). (He's going to LOVE that!)
I got a pack of chlorine free diapers in size 2 - we're not there yet, but we will be soon! (retail: $11.99)
I got 11 jars of baby food, 89 cents each, which would come out to $9.79.
Then I picked up a bottle of Jasper's special formula, the premixed kind because I didn't have much cash on hand. That I paid full price for, at $5.41.

I should have paid $32.87.
I paid $10.23 after coupons!

Happy Birthday To Me!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashley!! Hope you had a great day!! What great deals you got, I love coupons!!