Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Jasper's amazing! Yesterday, he remembered how to roll over and has been doing it every chace he gets. See, he did it at 6 weeks, but forgot until yesterday, a few days after his 3 month birthday. He was trying, but the big bulky cutiepoops diapers (cute but huge!) made it frustrating for him, so I got him some trimmer fitting Cute in Cloth diapers with snaps and he had such an easy time of it. See?

He also started laughing this morning. Of course, it was the half hour I was away from him this week that he first did it. I came home and Brian was crouched on the floor, he looked up and said, "He laughed! Out loud!" And he did, he's been doing it all day but he won't let me film it, the little goober.
In moneysaving news, I bought a Houston Chronicle today, and it had like $150 in coupons we use about once a month or two months. There was a coupon for $4 off Nivea body wash, which is on sale for $4.88 at CVS this week. I like that! I might subscribe to the Sunday Chronicle. It's half price that way, and I wouldn't have to go out o get it and miss important things like my baby's first laugh.

Oh least he's a happy baby!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Babyfeet! I cloth diapered, too. Isn't it great? I loved it, and actually miss it a bit, but cannot wait for John to be potty trained. Hope you stop on by again!