Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Slow You Could Shake the Crap Out of Them.

So since before Jasper was born, I've been trying to get my license to be a Speech Pathologist Assistant, because I had a job waiting for me at a private practice. I sent in my application to the Texas State Board of Licensure, and three weeks later they sent back a deficiency letter saying my transcripts didn't have a stamp on them, so they weren't valid, and for me to send them.

So I called my college and told them to send transcripts. They were supposed to have gone out April 15th. I called a week ago and asked if everything had been recieved, and I got this idiot who didn't know his foot from his eyeball, telling me he "didn't see them anywhere."

So I called my college and had them sent one more time, just in case, and had 4 copies sent to myself as well. So when I called today and asked about the status of my application, and they told me the transcripts had not been recieved, I spent $10 and sent them certified mail so they would sign for it and I would know when it was recieved and Texas couldn't jerk me around anymore. Just today I sent that out.

This job would have paid $55 an hour. I could have worked 10 hours a week and made more than doubled our family income.

So when we got home from picking up the little ninjas, I was blessed with an e-mail saying that it had taken too long, that the offer had to be taken back because it wasn't practical to keep my spot open. She's sorry, but she can't hire me anymore.

And now we're back to where we were. More expenses than income, and no job for me. We can't get daycare because it costs too much. Every two days we have more expenses...like having until June 3rd to come up with the money to pay a speeding ticket.

Something's got to give, and soon.

Thanks for reading my rant.


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