Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Town Warrior

Minor tidbit from Food Town - They no longer accept printable coupons. And if you have a coupon mailed to you on white paper, they don't take that either. I took a coupon I got from McCormick spices for a free packet in, and not only did they refuse to honor it, which I was fine with, the cashier attempted to confiscate it and file it as a counterfeit!

I had to call a manager. The manager at Food Town is generally pretty good about explaining and listening. I explained the coupon was legit, it came from Facebook, even had the company's watermark on it, and I understand if the store doesn't honor them. Everyone's policy is different. But it is a good coupon, and you can't just take it from me. WalMart, Dollar General, Kroger, and HEB take printables.

I don't understand why cashiers take couponers so seriously. If you work for a grocery store, you probably make minimum wage. But the coupons don't come out of your pay! The manufacturers put out the coupons to make people more likely to buy their items. They pay the store 8 cents extra for each coupon, and if 10 people use coupons for Huggies, Viva paper towels, and Cottonelle toilet paper, the store makes about 40 cents extra off Kimberly-Clark in the end!

I'm using coupons so my family can eat things other than beans and rice a few days a week. Yeah, I come out paying about $5 for $50 worth of groceries, but that's because I can't be spending $50. I have to fit a giraffe into a shoebox. It's nothing personal with the store or cashier. If I was a cashier, I'd enjoy seeing people get free groceries! I'd use it as a learning experience for next time I shop. Yet I always wind up with a cashier who makes it her personal mission to reject every single coupon I hand her.

I just do not get it!

In other news, I want to direct you to a website I've just been introduced too: The Diet Coke Diet. It's how to live on no time and no money. Which corners to cut and when. I'm liking it. Enjoy!

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