Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy 4 months old, Jasper!!

Jasper is 4 months old today!

That meant a doctor's appointment.

It went really well. He weighs 12 lbs 6 oz, and he is 23 1/4 inches long. Yes, he's little. Yes, I know. And you know what? It's okay! Jasper's growth pattern is parallel to the other babies on the percentile chart. It's pretty below average, but as long as his pattern mimicks theirs, he is growing just the way he is supposed to.

Despite being behind in the physical growth area, the doctor said he is 4-6 weeks ahead developmentally, when it comes to motor and language development. (Meaning, I mess with him all the time, so he can sit supported, stand and bear weight, laugh, grab stuff small enough for his hands to hold, and hold his own bottle sometimes.) That, I was totally excited about. The doctor was impressed with his ability to roll around and pull himself off the table with her hands, and that he scoots. He kept trying to slither off the table. He's even teething early...those two bottom teeth are finally beginning to make their appearance! Yay Jasper!

The only concern was his neck. He has torticollis...which is wry neck, in normal person words. He favors his right side, and the muscles on the left side of his neck are very tight. He needs me to massage them, and we need to play games that encourage him to stretch his neck muscles and look to the left side. By the time he's crawling, it'll be all fixed! It's not that bad, because he CAN move his head in circles, and will watch me and Brian moving around the room. He turns his head that way and he can push himself up and look straight ahead. But with a little exercise and massage, it'll resolve itself by the time he crawls again.

He's also allergic to peaches....because we tried peaches this morning and he liked them...ate half the jar. By the time we were at the doctor, his face, neck, and arm were all broken out. So that puts his allergy list up to milk and peaches.Geez. I didn't think you could be allergic to peaches! Anybody else's kid have a weird allergy?

That's my boy,

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