Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Road to Recovery, Entertaining Kids in Summer, and Brian Learns to Coupon

Crazy week. Really rough weekend, I wound up going to the ER for not being able to breathe, but I now have stronger medicine for my breathing machine and an antibiotic for the infection that set up shop in my lung. Should be better shortly.

Yesterday I camped myself out on the couch while Jasper mostly behaved well, and I hunted down deals on the internet. I redeemed a couple of Huggies codes, for a new blue bib for Jasper, and then played an instant win game for a $10 Dairy Queen gift card, which I won! It should be in the mail soon. :) Very exciting. That will probably wind up to be how we take the kids out for ice creams when they are here.

I try to make it nice for them over here, give them things, give them experiences, make each weekend interesting. We're getting them for two weeks starting Father's Day weekend, and I've got to come up with some stuff for them to do. Since the apartment office caught on fire, one pool is out of commission, but the other is still okay. We have a couple board games for rainy days, and I'm thinking of taking them to the library for the reading program. Maybe we'll sign up at HEB too, and let the books do double duty. Deer Park library's program also puts them in a drawing for a new bike! That would be neat.

On the e-mail front: The best people to email are Bar-S bologna. They have sent me 8 coupons for 25 cents off, and 2 Gift Certificates for $5 worth of Bar-S products EACH! Nature Valley sent me a coupon for a free box up to $3.99

Brian redeemed one the other day, he got 5 packs of bologna, in all kinds of flavors. Turkey, jalapeno, garlic, beef, etc. He was so excited. HEB misinterpreted the Nature Valley coupon when Brian took it in (He does not read fine print. Ever.) And he had two boxes because they were 2 for $3 that day, and the coupon said $3, but it meant only 1. The coupon beeped, but the cashier typed it in. So he got 5 packs of bologna, 2 boxes of granola bars, and then used a $5 off of Cottonelle coupon I got from writing a letter to get a 12-pack of toilet paper for $1.49. Yes, my man saved $13 with coupons!! It was one of those amazing days in history, like when the Berlin Wall came down, or the day Jesus was born, or the day the US won freedom from England. I've taught this man so well!


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