Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He Doesn't Trust Me to Not Spend Money!!

I took my husband to Kroger and showed him how it's done. We walked through the store picking up two loaves of bread, three packs of chicken lunch meat, a pound of deli ham, a pound of cheddar cheese, two cases of soda, a pack of tortillas, two cans of salmon, a chocolate cake with cherries on top, two canisters of Crystal Light, a diet Coke for me, and a 6-pack of Busch for Brian, and he whispered about 4 times, "Are you sure I have enough money for this?" The total was $48.35 at the counter. The sales came off, taking off about $7. Brian looked at me, furious, and I handed over two coupons and told the cashier, "Use my prescription redemption." I had a coupon for free tortillas and a coupon for 55 cents off of one of the lunch meats. That saved us about $3 more.

Brian was fidgeting in line, but he didn't know what I knew. This was a lean week for coupons, and not much of the stuff we use is on sale right now,and we needed groceries badly. But one thing we do have plenty of is prescriptions. I found a coupon a week ago that said if you transfer a prescription to the Kroger pharmacy, they would give you $20 in free groceries! So I transferred one prescription from Walgreens to Kroger, and got the $20 loaded onto my Kroger card.

So when I took off the $20, my total for all those groceries wound up being $18.64! Brian let his breath go, handed over a $20 and got back change, for ALL THOSE GROCERIES!

He thought we were going to go broke. :) O ye of little faith! Trust in thy wife!

See you in the funny pages!

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  1. That's awesome!! I need to learn to shop and save money like this. I always end up just buying what I grab b/c I have the 3 kids with me and ohmygodweneedtoleave! Hence my massive grocery bills! You are inspiring!