Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Always Wanted My Own Drugstore Franchise!

CVS belongs to me. I own them. I went shopping twice today and am pretty sure I came out with the title to the building.

I went in a while ago because Brian had run out of Prevacid, and that is a relatively urgent need. Normally Prevacid is $28.99 for a 6 week supply, but today it was on sale for $24.99. It also advertised ECBs of $5 when you bought it. I took in my $4 off coupon, and when I got into the store I scanned my Extra Care card and got a store coupon for $6 off. That brought it down to $14.99. Then the U by Kotex line, normally $5.29 a box, was down to $4.99, and had an ECB of $4.99. I also had a coupon for $1 off. So that made it $3.99. (I made money off of buying the Kotex.) So my total wound up coming to $19.21 out of pocket, and I wound up with $9.99 in ECBs.

Total spent: $9.22

I went back to CVS and ran to Walgreens this evening after we spent some time chilling outside. First I stopped at Walgreens and picked up two Reach Total Care toothbrushes, normally $3.99, store coupon making each $1.99, manufacturer coupons for $1 off one and buy one get one free, a jar of olives with the store coupon making them 99 cents and my 55 cent off manufacturer coupon, and a packet of taco seasoning for 99 cents. I'm not sure how, but my total wound up being $1.42. I think there was a cashier error, but I am not one to point out errors in my favor.

Then I went to CVS again with my $9.99 in ECBs. They have a deal running that if you buy $15 worth of certain soap products, you get $5 ECBs back. So I picked up two 8 packs of Irish Spring bar soap for Brian ($5), a bottle of shea butter Softsoap body wash for me ($3), and a bottle of Softsoap shea butter hand soap for the back bathroom ($2). I had a coupon for 75 cents off the body wash and one for 35 cents off the hand soap and a coupon from the coupon center for $2 off of a $6 or more bar soap purchase. Then Brian called and asked me to grab a can of Rotel (at the exorbitant price of $1.59 a can, but I was too lazy to go to another store). And at the register I grabbed a green bag tag so every 4th purchase gets me a $1 ECB. My total was $17.58. After my coupons and ECBs from this afternoon, my total was $4.78.

Then I got a $5 ECB back. Making my profit 22 cents!


I bought $72.23 worth of regular price merchandise, and I spent exactly $9 even on it all. I've still got $5 in ECBs to roll to next week!

See you in the funny pages!

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