Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Officially Too Cheap For Words....Here's a Few Words About That

Well, I've got a new couponing issue to blog about today.

I have become super cheap. Not just frugal, I'm officially a cheapskate.

I just went to two different Walgreens', trying to get a hold of the deal on the Reach Crystal toothbrushes (Buy 4, get $4 in register rewards, with my two $1 off coupons and my 2 BOGO coupons, would have been like $1.18 out of pocket with $4 RR back.) and nobody has them. I was going to use the register rewards to buy a bottle of Palmolive, with an in-ad coupon making it $1 and a 40 cent off coupon, a Softsoap for the front bathroom for 99 cents with a 50 cent off coupon, a bag of Goldfish crackers at 99 cents with a 50 cent off coupon, a roll of aluminum foil at $2.99 with a 75 cent off coupon, and a couple of cute novelty pencils for a stocking stuffer, all for about $4.18, or 18 cents out of pocket after cashing in the register reward.

They didn't have the toothbrushes. I still bought the dish soap, the hand soap, the pencils, a Walgreens brand toothbrush for Brian because he still needed one, a Luna Bar and two of the cute pencils and wound up paying $4.28 for $11.96 of stuff.

Yeah, I saved 64%...and I can't believe this...but I'm disappointed! Am I crazy? I spend so much time trying to figure out how to get as much as I can for nothing, and I have finally totally lost it. I am so cheap it's almost shameful.


I'm now planning how to mess with CVS tomorrow.

Love and kisses,

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