Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take That, Sensitivity!

Some of you folks know, Jasper has not been feeling well lately.

He was not keeping down any formula, but his baby food and juices were just fine. I figured an allergy to the formula, but viruses have been passed around down here like Tic Tacs at a speed dating event, so we kept an eye on him to see if it would get any better. He's been in a great mood too, just itchy from his eczema.

I had been using Aquaphor on the eczema patches 3-4 times a day, sometimes even more than that, and it stayed red, but it was a little less itchy. When he started having problems with the formula, homeboy's rash turned almost into a blistered burn.

Brian took him to the doctor today, because nothing we know to do and nothing anyone else has told us to do has done any good, and because we wanted a formula suggestion to switch to. His lactose intolerance cuts our choices down to like four things.

Well, the doctor decided based on the behavior and the worsening rash, Jasper is not just simply lactose INTOLERANT but allergic to dairy. He put him on Nutramigen, which did not work. For one thing, it smells like mayonnaise mixed into buttermilk, and I can't imagine it tastes very good. Poor Brian tried for hours to feed it to Jasper, thinking "This is what the doctor says, this is what he needs," but he gagged and cried so much by the time I was home from work that we gave up and asked the pharmacist what he thought.

So we started Similac Isomil Advanced, which smells much better and Jasper thinks it's delicious. He ate 4 ounces, tolerated it well, and then wanted more. He ate 3 of the last 4 ounces and fell asleep on my shoulder, fat and happy.

As for the eczema, he has a very very severe case of it, which was aggravated by the milk protein allergy. That's why it itched so bad and looked so wicked. The doctor recommended Cetaphil, so we picked that up, and gave us a medicine ointment for on it. We immediately coated him down with them, and I am so much in love with them!

My baby boy has had rough patches on his poor sensitive skin since he started formula for his lactose intolerance. Three hourse after he's had medicine and better lotion on him, he is so soft. He used to be soft with scaly patches every few inches. He still has pink spots, but even the pink spots are deliciously soft. He is zonked out snuggling with me right now, and I am petting him. He is not scrooching or scratching and he is not uncomfortable. I could cry for how much better he is!

But I fear this will not be the end of his allergy problems and skin issues. I mean, Benny has eczema bad enough that he cracks open and bleeds. My skin can't handle any kind of chemical including most deodorants, many lotions, and every single fabric softener on the market.

No dairy is no big deal. I can't have it either. But what's next? Eggs? Wheat? Ugh.

Snuggling with a soft baby,

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