Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Walmartian Angel

Most of the time, I hate Walmart. They are inconvenient, have too many complicated rules, the managers are rude, and they are always sneaky when it comes to a mismarked sale.

Today though, Walmart had a shining moment. Or at least, one specific Walmart employee did.

About two weeks ago, I posted about buying two boxes of Similac Sensitive on sale at Babies R Us. And as you know, one week ago, Jasper was diagnosed with an allergy to milk protein, so he can no longer eat that formula and has been switched to Similac Isomil Advanced.

Well, I lost my receipt. But I figured that if I took the formula to Babies R Us and asked to do an even exchange, since it's the same brand and price, and since I used my rewards card to buy it and it was on my account, they would just do that for me. I'm in there every few weeks, they know me.

The manager who has it out for me was working the customer service today. For some reason he seems to think that coupons come out of his paycheck and hates cooperating with me. He told me that unless I had a receipt for the box of formula, I was stuck with it.

So I left, angry with him and with the whole Toys R Us corporation (they'll be recieving a strongly worded letter regarding this incident). I went to WalMart, because they have a policy about returns without the original receipt, you can do it 3x a year and they swipe your driver's license. I was totally honest with the woman behind the counter. I told her that the bottle in Jasper's hand was his last one, and I can't use the formula I have, but I need to get him something to eat and I only had abour 95 cents in my pocket. I told her how Toys R Us screwed me over. I asked her what I should do. I didn't ask her what she could do for me, just what she thought I should do. I was very frustrated at this point.

The woman took the box, checked that it was unopened and sealed, and that they carried the product. She returned the Similac to the store, even though I didn't buy it there, and made a store card for $23.78. I told her that I paid less for it than that, and she said that in the system she has to make it that price or it won't take it. I only paid $19.20. She gave me the gift card, and told me to go get the right kind of formula.

When I went back there, they only had the ready to feed bottles, no powder. So I picked up three of those at $5.47 each, would have gotten more but they didn't have hardly any there. I used the rest of the gift card and some of my change to buy Jasper a few more bottles to drink the formula out of, since they are the cheapo ones and keep breaking.

Like I said, I normally hate Walmart, but that woman really helped me out today, she went against company policy, I'm sure, but she was so nice and helpful.

It was a lesson for me, that even if a business is bad at its core, the people who work there aren't all bad.


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