Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas for Free?

Many of you know I am working toward Christmas for free. This, I feel, is valuable information that you need to have, so here, I impart my wisdom.

I just redeemed a $5 gift card on Amazon from Swagbucks. I love this system. I have the swagbucks toolbar, which means every day I automatically get 1 SB. I answer the daily poll for 1 more. And I do 3-5 searches per day, which randomly awards me more SBs. Lots more. Every 450 SB, I get a $5 gift card code to add to my balance on Amazon. I get there about every two weeks.

Club Bing:
This is run by Microsoft. I trust it because Bill Gates isn't going to put his name on something that causes viruses and system crashes. You play typing games, educational games, and earn points for prizes. The prizes are nice things, like the Black & Decker drill Brian got for his birthday last year. The prizes take 6-8 weeks to arrive so order by Halloween.

My Coke Rewards:
You buy Coke anyway. Save the points. For every 280 points you get, you can get a $10 Kmart gift card. I'm almost to my second. offers free shipping right now, no minimum purchase.

Pampers Gifts to Grow:
You don't actually have to buy Pampers to accrue the points. They are available periodically online. Freebies4Mom has the best list.

Disney Movie Rewards:
If you buy Disney movies, sign up for this one. If you don't buy movies, you'll get a free movie probably every year or so. There are free codes available for this source too, and Freebies4Mom still has the best list.

Certain credit cards send out rewards at the holidays. Because I have an Old Navy card, I get three $10 gift cards, usable during certain dates in-store only. That gets each kid a pair of pajamas or an outfit. I have a Victoria's Secret card, and that gets me rewards from Bath & Body works. I get free item coupons at Christmas and one "free travel size item" coupon each month through the year. I use the last 3 as stocking stuffers.

I also watch ads. The Harbor Freight ad recently had a coupon for a free mini flashlight, which is much more suitable to go into a boy's stocking than Warm Vanilla Sugar scented lotion. There was also a mailer from Kohl's a little while ago, with a "$10 Gift" coupon, where you take the coupon in the store and pay the tax and any value over $10 on your purchase.

Free samples can be a surprisingly good way to find a stocking stuffer. I recently signed up for a sample of an organic lip gloss. The sample was a full size product, and that immediately went back to go into a stocking.

Any opportunity I can find to earn store credit, I also take. has a promotion going right now that if you review and rate 5 items on their page, they will give you a $5 gift card to use online. Once again, shipping is free right now.

I hope this helps you pad your Christmas budget a little bit. I know it's a lean year for many, if not most!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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