Sunday, September 19, 2010

CVS and Walgreens trip for 9/19

I went to two different Walgreens or I could have come out a litle better in the end, but not by much really. This was my Walgreens plan:


Gain dish liquid: 89 cents with in ad Q
2 MQ $1
3 Packs of Trident Gum - .79 ea. = 2.37
$1/2 FB = 1.37
$1/3 MQ = .37
IVC book $1 off = - .63
3 FREE + 42 cent moneymaker
Reach Prevent Toothbrushes .99 with IAQ
1 B1G1F = .99
$1 MQ = -.01
2 FREE toothbrushes, .01 moneymaker
Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup .79 with IAQ
$1.50/3 printable = .87 (.29 ea)
Luna Bar: $?
FREE coupon

Well, the Deer Park Walgreen's didn't have the Gain dish soap or the Reach Prevent toothbrushes, so I went on without them. I picked up my LUNA bar, three cans of soup, and three packs of Trident. Then I realized I forgot my $1/3 Trident coupon, but I went through with the deal anyway. I had the other coupons, and I can use the $1/3 one later this week (or later today) at the other Walgreens.
My total came to $0.77.

So I went over to CVS to grab two Right Guard Total Defense 5 deodorants for Brian, which were $2.99 each with an ECB of $2 on each one. I had a $3/2 coupon, and I used a 99 cent ECB from last week. So I paid $1.99 out of pocket, and got $4 ECBs back, making it a $2.01 moneymaker.

Then I had this bright idea to go over to the La Porte Walgreens and try the Reach and Gain deals, and it went kind of funny. I got the free Gain dish soap and found two of the toothbrushes. The IAQ for the Reach toothbrushes was 99 cents, and the dish soap was 89 cents. So my $1 off coupons went in just fine, and then my B1G1 coupon went through for the Reach toothbrush, but the $1 didn't work because my total was under $1, so I took that one back. My total was $0.74. I'll go back and get another free toothbrush later and anything else I can swindle them out of.

Heading down Pasadena Blvd, I have spent $3.50 and gotten back $4, so I am still 50 cents in the black. Figured I'd stop back at CVS and get Brian's Prevacid for the next two weeks. The box cost $12.29, so I used a $4 off coupon and the $4 ECB, making my total $4.29.

Total out of pocket cost: $7.79
Total Value: $38.30
Percentage Savings: 80%

Not too shabby for one morning!

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