Monday, September 20, 2010

He Certainly Keeps Me On My Toes!

I just came around the corner to see Jasper pulled up to standing on one foot and knee on my vacuum cleaner which I left out in the stupidity of a woman who very often underestimates her child.

"He was born a little early."
"He'll develop at a little over a month behind babies his age."

Bull poopy he will! This kid can move. He was rolling as his major mode of transportation, as most kids do, and he did that for a good two months. He spent the majority of month 6 rocking back and forth as fast as he could on his hands and knees, bringing to mind those little cars that you pull back on the floor and let go so they speed off and hit the wall.

At the beginning of month 7, Jasper was finally mobile, limping along with one foot and one knee on the floor, and at 7 months two weeks he was off, just like one of those cars.

His newest fascination is anything that slides. He crawls to any box sitting on the floor, pulls up on it, and the gets up on his toes to push it across the floor. "Ba ba ba ba," he says with every step. Of course, he always stops to stand still and spit on it awhile, but that's what makes him Jasper.

He can't be trusted. In the three seconds it takes to get up and pour myself another glass of lemonade, he can go from being the well-behaved child sitting and playing on the blanket next to my chair to being the out of control monkey that's trying to stick his fingers into the DVD player.

"Busy," is what he's been called. I'm not sure "busy" is the word. "Busy," would pertain to the inquisitive minded child that is trying to learn new things about his environment.

Jasper is not busy. He is sneaky, calculating, and manipulative. He knows which of three baskets I put his booger sucker into, crawls to it and tips JUST THAT BASKET over, picks out only the booger sucker, and proceeds to shove it under the couch. Then he goes back to playing on the blanket, like nothing ever happened. This process involves memory, planning, and executing a plan, and then putting on his, "What Mommy? I was here the whole time!" face. And he's developing BEHIND for his age?

Jasper is the Jack Russell terrier of busy-ness as compared to the average baby's bassett hound.

And this is why I call him Spazzy Jazzy.

This is my wild and precious life.

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