Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Week's Post...Don't Know Why It Didn't Go Up!

Today was a wild day! I spent two hours driving all over southeast Texas between taking Brian to work, getting home, realizing he had my keys, going back to the shop, coming home to change Jasper, taking him to the sitter, and getting to work. Then I spent six hours at work, and it actually was a pretty easy day. Got my butt whipped at dominoes like 4 times (and no, I don't cheat!) and then went shopping at Kohl's and Target. Then I ran to Pasadena to pick Nat up after school, went to Ben's school to pick him up, and on the way to the stadium (he's sitting in with the band tonight) he said he didn't have to be there until 6, there wouldn't be anyone there until then. So I turned around and went to Deer Park, picked up Jasper, went home and didn't even bother turning the car off. Thankfully Brian took Ben to the stadium, because I had at that point been driving for almost 5 hours today.

However, I was given a nice break, where I was allowed to shop child-free at Kohl's and Target! I very much enjoyed this break between work and kids.

I went to Kohl's first. I had a coupon for $10 there. I have not done any Christmas shopping for Jasper yet, so I went to their toy section and found two $8 Fisher Price trucks (bulldozer and dump truck, to be exact) that were on sale for $5.49 apiece. Because of my coupon, I got them for 98 cents, after tax on the original price it was $1.28. Hooray!

Kohl's: Spent: $1.28, saved $14.80

Then I went two doors down, to Target. I had more of a list at Target.

3 First aid kits: .97 each: Free to me, after $3/3 coupon
2 Travel packs of Shout wipes for the diaper bag: .97 each: Free to me after $2/2 coupon
2 cans of Spaghettios: .50 each: .25 each after .50/2 coupon
2 boxes of Zatarain's rice: $1.47 each: Free to me after coupons they mailed me
2 Lip Smackers for Nat's stocking: $1.47 each: .47 each after two $1/1 coupons
I paid full price, $2.39, for Jasper's first toothbrush, and for a $1.87 tube of Brian's favorite toothpaste.

Target total: Spent: $5.59, Saved $10.93

Total: Spent $6.87 Saved: $25.73

That comes out to 79% savings! Including Christmas gifts and groceries. Ah-mazing!

Check it out!

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