Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Baby Unicorn and a Successful Grocery Trip

Jazzy plays this game where he pulls himself up on my pants, laughs at his accomplishment, and plonks down on his fluffy little booty. He's been doing it since he figured out how to pull up two weeks ago and he loves practicing new skills. He plays his game over and over again, all the time, and has a blast.

Until last night.

He was playing as usual, up, down, up, down. Brian was talking to his mother on the phone in the kitchen and I was Facebooking with my sister, using the end table as a desk.

Up, laugh, down, laugh, up, laugh, THONK. Silence. Jazzy had lost his balance and fell against my end table, thonking his forehead against the corner of the metal base of the end table. I grabbed him, he started screaming, and it immediately swelled up, looking a lot like you would imagine a unicorn's horn when it is just starting to poke through. He was dazed for a second, looked like he might pass out, so we headed out the door, thinking if he did pass out, and he did it in the car, we'd be closer to the ER. Of course we had to stop for gas, and by the time Brian was pumping gas, Jazzy was shaking a rattle at me in the back seat. We decided to forgo any ER trip and headed to the grocery store for some more milk and a bag of salad. By the time we got there, he was quite the happy little unicorn, cracking up at every face I made.

Once we got home, he had a headache so he got some Advil, but he was otherwise back to his normal happy and busy self, trying to find more trouble. Three and a half hours later he went to bed, and was fine, and woke up with a much smaller bump.

Today Jazzy wanted to climb on everything again. The boy is fearless. He even went back to the same end table he bumped himself on and tried to climb it. It got moved and became Brian's bedside table. What a crazy kid.

While he took his nap this afternoon, I ran to Walmart. My husband gave me $20, told me to get him beer, and said, "Bring change!" (LOL)

Yes, Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. I had a good cashier, so I ended on a good note.

I got my free Advil and Cottonelle wipes. I grabbed a half gallon of Jasper's soy milk with a $1 off coupon, making it $1.56, and a bottle of ready to feed Similac for $0.84 after my $3 off coupon. I bought 8 jars of Beech Nut baby food and used a $1 off coupon on that. I used a $2 off coupon Hershey's sent me for a complaint a while back on a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups marked for $2.50. I picked up two cans of cheddar cheese soup and a can of broccoli cheese soup marked for 2 for $2, and used a $1.50 off coupon, making them 50 cents each. Green Giant Steamers were on sale for $1.48, so I picked up the broccoli. And I grabbed an Equate brand hand soap (love the shea butter!).

My total before coupons: $23.88. After: $9.65.

Then I went to Foodtown and got 3 boxes of baking soda, a bottle of Ajax, a can of Pringles, and a 6-pack of Busch light. My total was $8.65. I didn't have coupons, but if it were not for that beer I'd have spent under $15!

Here's the picture of my haul.

Anyway, that's been our weekend, along with supercleaning the apartment...which looks great, by the's much more tolerable to live in an organized environment.

Love and kisses,

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