Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CVS Wins, Week of October 3

In two days, two transactions, I came away with $22.48 worth of merchandise and I paid NOTHING for it!

The first day, I went in there to check out the Halloween stuff, and got my $5 off Halloween purchase. So I picked up two cute little bears in costumes for 2/$4, and grabbed a black light bulb to go with the coloring posters that will be in Nat's Christmas stash. Total came to $4.99, and I handed over the $5 coupon. The cashier got confused when my total came to -$0.01. "Um...I can't actually give you cash, do you want to buy something else or do you want me to adjust the price so you don't pay anything?" Uh, hello? Pay nothing! Thanks!

So today when I went back in, I planned on doing about the same thing with different stuff and different coupons.

Same cashier! Score!

I had my $9 ECB from my summer savings to spend today, too. I grabbed two little delicious smelling jar candles, 99 cents each, two Duncan Hines mini brownie mixes, $1 apiece, 7 candy bars (1 peanut butter M&Ms, 2 Snickers, a Milky Way caramel, a 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp, and 2 regular Milky Ways) that were 50 cents apiece and buy two get one free, and a jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise for $3. Total came to $16.20 before coupons.

I used a free coupon I got from the M&Ms sweepstakes awhile back, two buy one get one free Mars cady bars coupons, and my $9 ECB, which had to be adjusted to an $8.98 coupon, because my total came to -$0.02.

So, I came home with $22.48 in merchandise and paid a total of negative 3 cents for it! I know I didn't actually bring profit home, but I am choosing to think of it that way, and you can love it or get over it.

Anyway, this is what the haul looks like, that I spent negative 3 pennies for:

Best savings I've gotten so far!

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