Friday, October 8, 2010

The End to Jasper's Crisis

At least, I hope. Jasper has been coughing like mad the last few weeks, and paired with his eczema, I was fearing asthma. He was having a rough time sleeping too, and while still very very busy, he was not his usual self. I took him to the doctor yesterday. We wound up with a bag of drugs that weighed almost as much as he does, impressive even though it's only 15 lbs.

We have his own breathing machine medicine, a new cream for his neck and elbows and knees, an antihistamine that he thinks is delicious. This may be both a good and a bad thing. Then we have an antibiotic for the ear infection that is brewing in one ear, and a steroid for his breathing.

He's peeing like crazy because of the steroid, but other than that, he is in great shape now. He fought the breathing machine at first, but now he knows it makes him feel better, so he held it himself this morning.

It was sad enough fighting to hold the mouthpiece over his face while he cried last night, but it broke my heart a little to see my teeny tiny 8 month old boy sucking down Xopenex like a tough little trooper.

This is him not 5 minutes later, after he finished the breathing treatment and had his applesauce (instead of cereal for breakfast, his reward):

24 hours later though, with all the new drugs, he is looking, sounding, and feeling 100% better. Which means he is even MORE into bad stuff.

He doesn't even know what it's like to not be itchy or to not have trouble breathing. He is so little and has been out here for not very much time, he doesn't remember when he didn't have all his issues.

I am thankful that he's getting better, it's nothing worse than asthma and allergies, and that he has already met his deductible so most of the two grand worth of medicines was covered.

And that's hopefully the end of that chapter!

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