Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping Trip and Registry Info

Crazy day.

Jasper kept me on my toes all day, doing his best to keep me from making any progress anywhere, but I did get him to behave for a trip to Walmart. I used $1 off coupons to make a 4 oz packet of Idahoan loaded baked mashed potato mix, a bottle of Gain dish soap, and a travel size bottle of Pert Plus free. (By the way, the Idahoan coupon is on Facebook, it's a great deal, so go for it!) I used a $3 off Similac coupon to make a quart of formula 84 cents, bought two jars of baby food for regular price at 46 cents each, and a can of Pringles to shut Baby Jonny up. Added up to $2.94 for $9.01 in merchandise. Not too bad, in any way!

Welcome to my third trimester! I've got fat fingers, ouchy joints, and no sleep. All that plus Jasper. I'm one tired woman!

People have been asking me what I need for Baby Jonny, and honestly the answer is nothing. We have everything. All the furniture and big stuff, more clothes than Jasper ever even wore, even with as long as he wore the 0-3 month stuff. We have enough blankets and towels and sheets for three Jonnys, so seriously, please don't buy or send us any of those things! If you do, I will have to pass them on to someone else who can use them, because we honestly do not have the space.

If you really want to get something for him, please consider either gift cards to Walmart or Target, or diapers. I made a registry on Mom's Milk Boutique because I know for a lot of you, cloth diapers are a totally foreign concept. Just go to Gift Registry and then search Ashley Bedford in Deer Park. Pick out whatever designs you want, as long as it's gender appropriate for a boy baby, and then just email or facebook me to let me know what your order number is so the store can add it to the registry list. I know the patterns and colors are the fun part of diaper shopping - trust me, I love me some cloth diapers!

We very much appreciate your generosity and your desire to help us out and give Jonny something, and I appreciate the people who've asked me what I need. It makes me glad to know I won't wind up with a ton more recieving blankets and tiny clothes that the tags will stay on!

Ever grateful,

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  1. cloth diapering is so awesome! I cloth diapered 2 of my 3 and loved it. Great job -- it makes such a difference!!