Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday for the Bedfords

Now that I've had some time to recover and clean after the holiday, I wanted to share my Black Friday experience with you!

That's right, at 8 months pregnant, I went Black Friday shopping.

Well, I wasn't going to go. I saw the Bath and Body Works VIP bag online and had a wicked sense of "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT OR I WILL DIE," so I got out my Victoria's Secret Angel card (because both stores are owned by the same people and you can use the card at both stores) and went online Wednesday all ready to order it. I put my items in my little cart and went to check out - imagine my fury when I found that Bath and Body Works does not accept the Angel care online! Agh!

Brian said, "Then you'll just have to go Friday morning. I'll wake you up at 5, so you can be there when they open at 7."

I went back and forth over it and decided not to go.

So Friday afternoon around 1:30 I got a message from a friend who said that our Bath and Body Works was not at all crowded and they had like a zillion bags left.

I told Brian where I was headed and he said, "Well you won't be back until suppertime."

Got out the door at 1:53. Pulled into the parking space right in front of the store, headed in and picked up a shopping bag and a VIP bag, and went back to the back at a leisurely pace and carefully picked out 12 antibacterial hand soaps in delicious scents. Then I went to the aromatherapy shelf and picked up bubble bath in Sleep (vanilla and lavender - YUM!) and got in line. I was third in line and the line was over so fast I didn't even have time to re-count my hand soaps.

Oh and I got home by 2:23. Less than half an hour from my front door back to my front door.

The deals:
Hand soaps were 6 for $20, which is a $10 savings when you buy 6. I bought 12 for $40, so I saved $20.
Then the VIP bag was $20 if you bought $40 worth of product, which I did. The value there was $119.50 according to the label. So I saved $99.50 there.
Then I had a coupon for a free item up to $13 if you spent $10, which I did. Used that to get the bubble bath. Saved $13 there.
When I got home and counted everything, I realized I had an extra hand soap in my bag, in White Citrus, which I did not pick up because I didn't smell it first. The lady at the checkout must have put it in for free. Well, I'm counting that as another $5 savings.

So, 60+119.50+13+5=197.50
Before tax, I paid $60, so I saved $137.50, which is a 70% savings! This is a pic of my haul:

It came with a coupon for $10 off any purchase.

That's not even the best part!!! It came with a HUGE purple paper shopping bag that Jasper played with for literally hours. It's sitting two feet from me right now taking the abuse of one of the big serving spoons Jasper stole from the dishwasher when somebody left it open. (You can't get it back from him. It's his now, he'll act like it's his baby if you try to take it.)

Anyway, that was the 2010 Bedford Black Friday Experience.

Love and kisses,

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