Monday, December 6, 2010

Hallmark, Target, and Walmart Today

Jasper was sneezy and hacky this morning, but he was in a really good mood, so we went to Target. Then, since Target didn't have the items that were really my goal, we went to two different Walmarts to find stuff to put in those big kids' stockings!

See, I wanted to get the Pictureka card game for Ben and the Hungry Hungry Hippos travel game for Nat. (Travel game means the little balls are enclosed and can't get eaten by a hungry hungry baby.) Target was out of them. BUT, while I was there, I picked up two of the 18 pack boxes of Quaker instant oatmeal for 66 cents each after my 2 $2 off coupons, a load's worth of Tide laundry soap (free after my $1 off coupon) a 3 oz tube of Vaseline for Men (supposed to help cracked skin, I'm hoping for a husband with softer hands!), and a canister of Seventh Generation cleansing wipes for 49 cents (They make your whole house smell like thyme. If that's okay with you, go for it!). Total at Target: $1.85. Value: $13.27

I really wanted to get those games for the big kids, and Jasper was still in a good humor, so we went to the Walmart right up the road. They had the Pictureka! $5 even. So the $5 coupon came off and it was free. I also picked up a pack of Huggies disposable diapers (these manage to contain the pee for overnight, as long as I stick a Kotex in the bottom.) and used a $2.50 off coupon. Total at Walmart on Fairmont: $7.00. Value: $14.50 (and tax...not sure how to figure all that out).

Still needed the hippos! I asked Jasper if it was worth it to try the Walmart on Spencer. He said, "Ah, boo. Dee dee dee!" Translating that as a yes, I put the car in gear!

The Walmart on Spencer had plenty of hippos. I grabbed two, since I had two $5 off coupons. They came to 24 cents each. Then I grabbed a bag of Pictsweet mixed veggies (family size) for $2.25, but I had a free coupon for that. And on the way by, I picked up a bag of bows because I only have gold ones left. Who uses the gold ones anyway?? They were a dollar. My total there was $1.59, and my total value was $13.84.

Oh, and since it was in the trunk, it's in the picture...I used my $5 off of $5 at Hallmark to buy two rolls of really nice coordinating wrapping paper (one's reversible!) for $1.80 including tax. Total value there was $10.2 including tax.

So how much did I spend? How much did I save?
I spent $12.24. The total value of what I brought home was $52.86. That means that I saved $40.62. I saved 77%!

I like to think of that in terms of $40.62 added onto my paycheck. :)

That's the picture of the spoils!

$40 richer,

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