Friday, January 7, 2011

Bedfordnomics Goes Techno!

I've decided it's time for Bedfordnomics to take a few more steps into the technological world. This decision has come at the end of a long week, the first week in which I am not able to shop. You see, my movement has been officially restricted until my c-section on Tuesday. Not the route we wanted to go, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you want a healthy baby.

The problem was, I found some neat deals at HEB and Kroger this week, and wanted to do them badly, but can't. I might be able to run into HEB and come out with just a few things tomorrow, we shall have to see. But I needed to share these deals with my friends and readers! Too good to pass up! so Bedfornomics is going technological.

You may notice that at the bottom of each post, there is now a row of "share" buttons, with which you may send my posts out into the worlds of twitter, facebook, or a couple other buttons that I don't know what they mean.

Bedfordnomics is also now on Twitter. I'm not really sure how Twitter works yet, but if you would like to help me out, follow @Bedfordnomics on Twitter and you can help show me the ropes!

And lastly, Bedfordnomics has its own Facebook page. Brand new too! This I did because I get the idea that some folks don't want to hear about the deals I find, which is totally okay! Go ahead and like Bedfordnomics on Facebook and you'll know when there's a new post. I'll also be posting deals I find at stores that don't normally get much attention from other deals sites, like Kroger and HEB, and other deals that I feel are too awesome for people to miss!!

Go link up to us, we're entering a whole new world of confusion!


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