Monday, January 10, 2011

CVS - 1/10/11

Today I went to CVS, hoping to hit some good stockpiling deals on things we need.

I'm a Yankee, and I drink Pepsi. The problem is, around here, nobody else drinks Pepsi. There are whole coolers full of Coke products, and like one tiny row of Pepsi that they managed to carve out among the Coke. So CVS has this sale going where the 12-packs are 6/$20 with a $10 ECB, which comes down to $1.67 a 12-pack... I said to myself, "Self, you have to jump on that!"

So I took Brian and Jasper with me, and we picked up 3 12-packs of diet Pepsi for me, and 2 of Mountain Dew for Brian and one of Pepsi Max just to try it. I spent $21.45 out of pocket and saved $9.94 and got the $10 ECB.

I took my $10 ECB back in after I unloaded all that into the car, and then remembered to scan my card. (Oops.) I got a coupon for $3 off an 18 pack of Cottonelle, my go-to TP brand! Whoo! So I then hit up the Spend $25 and get back $10 ECB in Kimberly Clark bathroom related products. I got 3 tubs of Cottonelle wipes at $2 each, 1 12-pack of Cottonelle Ultra, and a 10 pack of Scott paper towels. (I never buy name brand...Kroger EveryDay towels are normally what I buy. But I love Scott and this deal made them cheaper than Kroger brand!) And last time I was in CVS I got a coupon from the kiosk for a free bottle of hand sanitizer so I picked up that, $1.69 value. The total before coupons was $27.69.

I used the kiosk coupons, taking off $4.69, then 2 .50 off of the wipes, and a $1 off the paper towels, and my ECB from the Pepsi purchase. My total including tax came out to $11.80! Then the clerk started hating me, because when the ECB didn't print, I asked him to print it, and he had someone else take over. Which is fine, she did it. I decided to just hang onto the ECB and roll them to next week, since we're having a baby tomorrow.

This is what it all looked like: $32.25 spent out of pocket, $39.28 saved, and $10 to roll to next week.

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