Monday, January 10, 2011

Kroger's Pharmacy Coupon Deal

I want you all to be informed of a really stinkin' awesome thing that Kroger does. If you take a new or transferred prescription to their pharmacy, they will give you $25 in free groceries with a coupon. It's the beginning of the year, our deductibles have yet to be met, it's time to refill prescriptions! So go get free grocery money while you're at it.

In the beginning of the year, we have no copay, so this was all win for us. I picked up a 6 month supply of medicine for Jazz's asthma, and got $25 added onto my card.

I wanted to stock him up for a little while with a good variety of food so nobody has to go out and get more, particularly me, so we went directly to the baby food corner and grabbed 38 size 2 Beech Nut foods, 6 size 3 Gerber foods, and 12 2-packs of Gerber foods. Of course I had 3 coupons from the catalina for $1 off 6 or 4 or whatever, I got that many so who counts. And then I had a .75 off 6 of the 3rd foods.

I also wanted to get toothbrushes, because it skeeves me out to move a toothbrush from one house to the next...I'd rather just buy all new. I never even travel with a toothbrush, I just buy a new one when I get where I'm going. So they had Colgate toothbrushes on sale for .88 each, and I had 3 .75 off and 1 $1 off coupon (they gave me the overage). I got 4. And on the way out the door, I grabbed a Good Housekeeping magazine to take with me in the hospital to entertain myself.

I am not immune to impulse items.

Anyway, after those 3 catalina coupons and 5 manufacturer coupons, they took off my $25 for the prescription, and it brought the entire purchase of a total of 61 items down to $9.81. Total value was $41.46.


So anyway, for real, if you need a Kroger drug coupon I have extra, please ask me! $25 can be a LOT of money if you want it to be!!

Love and kisses,

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