Monday, January 3, 2011

My CVS Run for 1/2-1/8

I only needed two transactions this time to totally own CVS!

They had this deal going on certain products, buy $25 worth of them and they give you a $10 ECB for it. Wisk, my favorite laundry detergent, was on sale for 2/$10. That's a good deal by itself! But last weeks Wednesday ads had a coupon for $2 off. I snagged that one, and on Sunday I bought 4 papers.

See, if Wisk is $5 each, and I buy 5 and use 5 coupons for $2 off, that brings them down to $3 apiece. That was my game plan, to spend $15 and tax. Luckily, I remembered to scan my ExtraCare card in the store and printed out a $1 ECB, so that brought it down to $14 and tax, or a total $15.16 for the 5 jugs of Wisk.

And at the bottom of my receipt was my $10 ECB for getting $25 worth of the items in the sale! So each bottle came to about $1.03, if I just stopped there.

Of course, I didn't. Today Jasper and I went back to CVS. Our second transaction looked like this:

3 Kleenex tissues - 88 cents each
- .50/3 coupon
3 2 liter bottles of diet Pepsi - 88 cents each
3 cups of Nutter Butter minis - $1 each
2 cans of Bumblebee pink salmon - 2/$3
I then used my $10 ECB, which brought my entire total, including tax, down to $0.81, which I was more than happy to hand over.

So since Jasper is napping, let's break it down and see how much I really saved!
Each bottle of Wisk is normally $8.49, so with tax that comes to $45.95!
The Kleenex boxes are normally $1.99, with tax that comes to $6.46.
Pepsi is the same price, and taxable, so that is another $6.46.
The salmon is normally $3.69 a can. That's $7.38.
The Nutter Butters are always a dollar. Not on sale...I just like them. $3.

Total value of everything I bought, including sales tax on applicable items: $69.25
How much did I spend? $15.16 + .81 = $15.97
So I saved $53.28 at CVS this week. That is 76.9% savings!

I'm happy with that!

Love and kisses,


  1. You are stocked for laundry detergent that is for sure!! That was an amazing price on that--I got the TP and one Wisk as that is the only coupon I had. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

  2. BTW, My nephew, Brian, is married to Ashley. Thought that was neat.

  3. Not as stocked as I could be...we go through a TON of laundry over here, between Brian's work clothes, Jasper drooling through three outfits a day, and people who keep "forgetting" which towel belongs to them! lol

    That's the second other couple I've heard of with our names! Nifty!

  4. LOL, envisioning little Jasper drooling thru three outfits a day--new teeth I assume.

  5. He's got 3 all the way in, and lots of little tooth bumps in there trying to come through, and like 5 are already white. I think they itch, because sometimes he acts insane trying to rub anything wooden against his gums. He drools, and he spits...and runs his tongue across every flat surface we have. As much action as his salivary glands get, I'm surprised he doesn't wear more that 3 a day!