Monday, January 3, 2011

My Walgreens Run for 1/2-1/8

Jasper was extraordinarily good today, until the very last transaction, which involved me buying him some emergency baby food (no meat at the house, and fruits and veggies only seem to fill him up halfway anymore). He wanted to eat it in the store.

So Walgreens required 6 transactions, on two different days, at two different stores, and a very patient baby.

First Transaction:
Finish Electrasol: $3.49
Used $2.25/1
Total: $1.34
Got $1.50 RR

Second Transaction:
2 boxes of SOS pads: 2/$5
Used $1.50 RR
Total: $3.75
Got $1 RR

Third Transaction:
Finish Electrasol: $3.49
3 Hunts Tomato Sauce: .99/ea
Used 2.25/1 Finish
Used IAQ 3 Hunts/$1
Used $1 RR
Total: $1.26
Got $1.50 RR

Fourth Transaction:
Cottonelle 12 pack: $5
Domino confectioner's sugar .69 (clearanced at Spencer and Underwood store)
Used .50/1 Cottonelle printable (no longer available)
Used $1.50 RR
Total: $3.93

Fifth Transaction:
Finish Electrasol: $3.49
Used $2.25/1
Total: $1.34
Got $1.50 RR

Sixth Transaction:
Gerber 2 pack: $1.25
Gerber chicken: .99
Used $1.50 RR
Total: .74

All in all, I spent $12.36 at Walgreens, and I came home with $35.10 worth of groceries. That means I saved $22.74, which is a 65% savings! Hooray!

As of Tuesday, I have brought home $104.35 in merchandise. I paid $28.33 for it. That's 73% savings. My total savings for 2011 so far is $76.02. If I saved this much every week for the year, I would save $3,953. And this week is not over yet!

Love and kisses,

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  1. 1st, you amaze me with your coupon-ing. And I'm so NOT telling my husband about this. :) And also, yeah for 'Friends!"