Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting off 2011 Like a Whirlwind!

I want to take a moment and welcome myself back to the world of blogging!

I took December off of coupons, because I spent most of my time doing my best to get Christmas taken care of for three kids and one husband, and rang in under $100, for almost $350 in product. I also stocked up on 90 feet of high-quality Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper and 50 feet of high-quality Hallmark everyday wrapping paper (three kids and one husband have birthdays in February and March.) and I paid only tax for those...normally $5 a roll.

I'm STILL pregnant, getting larger by the day (tomorrow means there are two weeks left!) and trying to stock my house up on groceries. My husband sent me to get my hair cut and my brows waxed yesterday while he took the kids grocery shopping with him, and although he did come out with 3 days worth of fresh produce and 3 more of frozen, and about 2 weeks worth of meat to put back, he also brought home a very hefty stock of deviled ham, Armour Treet, sardines, a stash of mackerel that I'm not sure will ever get used, and inexplicably, a whole coconut.

So I've got to get it in gear before Baby Jonny gets here and stock up the pantry and freezer.

A trip to Kroger on December 30 re-energized me, when I brought home 6 weeks worth of Prilosec, 6 jars of baby food, 2 half-gallons of soy milk, a new toothbrush for Brian, a bottle of Crest toothpaste, a container of Chavrie goat cheese, a can of Febreeze air effects and a 50 ct. bottle of Excedrin, all for $25.12. The value was $52.21. Just for effect, the 42 count Prilosec box normally costs $24.99, so essentially I bought heartburn medicine and got the rest for nothing.

After that trip, I decided to throw myself into stockpiling full-force. I can't be guaranteed when Baby Jonny will make his appearance, and I can't be guaranteed how soon I'll be back to fighting condition, so I need a fully stocked pantry and freezer.

Tomorrow I will get my newspaper, or two or three, and the war is on.

In the words of the great Mario: "Heeeeere we go!"

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