Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eversave Credit Goes Down Today! Get the $5 Credit Now!

Everybody knows and loves Groupon, right? And LivingSocial, etc...this one is similar, but different.

Eversave is another deal site. The deals last a little longer, and are sometimes a little better. You get it at whatever price the deal is set at, whether other people buy it or not. It won't go down and you won't get denied. And your credit usually comes in an emailed code that comes in about a day after you buy it - no waiting until the deal is over most of the time.

Today's deal is on I checked out that site and they have some REALLY cute stuff - Melissa and Doug toys, really cute baby outfits, blankets, the moby wrap, and this apron:

I must have that in my life. So anyway, the deal is you pay $25 for $50 at ShopZoolu. If you sign up today (this offer ends today) you get a $5 credit, so it comes to $20 there. Later today the credit will go down to $2. The credit is good for a year, so if you don't want the ShopZoolu stuff, you should still sign up, so you have the credit.

Click this link to sign up! You don't want to miss the credit, there are all kinds of deals. They show the recent saves on the site. There is something you're interested in, I'm sure!!

Love and kisses,


  1. super cute apron!

  2. Right??? I pretty much decided I have to have it or I'll die.