Friday, February 4, 2011

New Baby, New House, New Internet!

We are moved into our new house, and internet has been installed. We're ready to get back into the blogging! And, as requested, here are pictures of our new little addition, Jonathan James!

That was his hospital picture. He weighs almost 2 lbs more than that now (that sleeper is ancient history) and he barely fits into size 1 diapers. But since I managed to get 4 packs of them for 11 cents last week, he's going to keep on wearing them.

Jasper alternately likes Jonathan and is jealous of him. He cries when Jonny cries, thinking that when I change his diaper I am hurting him. He kisses him on the head, and then a half hour later he makes off across the kitchen with Jonny's bink.

Today is Jasper's birthday, he is one year old. I'm having some trouble with it, as expected, but I'm coping. He's having a great day. Daddy came home early, he had his favorite breakfast,and got to lick all the Windex off the windows. He learned to feed himself with a spoon (still won't do it with his fingers) and he learned to stack the blocks, not just knock them down. Yesterday he took 4 steps by himself and amused himself by climbing up on my dining room chairs. Today he pursued all his favorite playtime activities. Unfortunately for me, his number one favorite is throwing fits.

Needless to say, it wore his cute little one year old butt out.

So we'll be back up and running very very soon, folks. Next week my parents will be in town and I don't know how much blogging I will get done, but you understand. After that, we're back and better (bigger) than ever!

Love and kisses,


  1. They are sooo cute!! I don't think I realized how close in age your little men are -- my last 2 are 15 months apart and that's pretty close. And, 11 cents? I'm sending you out to do my shopping. Enjoy your little ones!

  2. Thank you!! I like 'em. And I'm happy to help friends shop! How close are you?
    I wish I could get a job where I did people's grocery shopping and save them the most money....but paying for a service like that would totally defeat the purpose. lol