Monday, March 7, 2011

CVS: Free Stroller!

CVS had a great sale yesterday. I was excited about this one! Spend $25 on certain baby products, get a free umbrella stroller!

I've got two babies in size 3 diapers, and I can always use a stroller. So at CVS yesterday I picked up a 96 count box of size 3 Huggies ($20) and 2 tubs of Huggies wipes ($5), and at the checkout, I picked up the very last Graco umbrella stroller. I used a $3.50 coupon for the diapers, a $1.50 and a .75 for the wipes, and $2.75 in ECBs. So my total for a big box of Huggies, two tubs of wipes, and a brand new Graco stroller was $17.91. The stroller retails for $17.99, so it's like I bought it and got free diapers and wipes!

If you don't count the free stroller, what I spent, minus the wipes, comes out to 13 cents per diaper. Goal met!

My savings according to my receipt was $32.09. Sweet!

Jasper checkin' out his new ride.


  1. That's awesome! .13 a diaper is about what you pay for store brand diapers so it's awesome you were able to buy premium for that price :) I never seem to have diaper coupons when the premium are on sale so I just buy store brand all the time. I used to really like the target ones but lately we've been buying Parents Choice from Walmart and I like them as well as Huggies!

  2. Awesome deal, and cute picture!