Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Way to Get Kids In the Kitchen!

HomeSav's sale today is on Boston Warehouse Kitchen Sets. These are so ridiculously cute. If you've ever had trouble getting your kid to eat his veggies, the best way to encourage it is to let him help in the kitchen. It worked with Natalie, who used to be the sworn archenemy of anything green. I didn't have these awesome little toys...I mean tools, though.

What kid could resist playing - I men cooking - with tools this cute? And if they help prepare it, they are far more likely to eat it.

Check them out! And if you're not interested because of the price, know that the sets normally retail for over $50, and for signing up through my invitation link, you'll get a $10 credit in your account. So some of the sets will be as low as $17.

If you still aren't interested, sign up for the program anyway. Tomorrow's deal is Melissa and Doug toys, and they are always under $10 when they go on these Daily Deals sites! Credit can be applied toward shipping.

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