Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few Things You Can Get for Free Today!

SaveMore has that deal for a $11 voucher to AlwaysFits for $5, and you have your $10 credit to spend. I was thinking maybe you'd like to see what you can get for $11.

You can get funny booboo covers.

You can get toothpaste that tastes like frosting (but has the opposite effect of cavities!).

You could have the opportunity to look and feel international!
You can make your next dinner party seem like it's being held in a nursing home full of absentminded aging vampires!

And really, folks. That's just the beginning. Go get your SaveMore voucher and on Friday, start ordering!

Note that shipping isn't free, but the voucher can be used toward shipping, which seems to be around $5.

Remember: While this site has some hilarious, adorable, and otherwise awesome stuff, it is not a site to check out when the little ones are around. It does have bad words and drug references.

Love and kisses, Ashley

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