Monday, July 4, 2011

The Herbal Essences $3 Coupon is a $3/2!

A reader has pointed out that I did indeed make a mistake in my Sunday Walgreens Run! The Herbal Essences coupon should not have gone through. I didn't read it carefully enough. Oddly enough, it didn't beep going through. I'm friendly with the cashier and it didn't interrupt our conversation. Anyway, I realized Kathy was right about the coupon...Thanks to her sharp eyes and good question, and Jonny's tendency to get up about 1 am for a snack (leaving my mind free to think without worrying about the rest of the herd) we got this thing figured out!

For some reason I can't reply to Kathy through comments. But everyone needs to see this anyway:

TBH, I didn't check the coupon as closely as I had thought. I don't remember it having that many words on it. But to clarify, I went to Herbal Essences directly and you're right: $3 off 1 styler, wyb any product.

It did not beep when I used it at Walgreens, but it should have. While I'm not going to take the stuff back to the store, this is a way to make the coupon work even better for you:

CVS $2/2(kiosk) + $3/1 + $1/1(6/12 RP) for a product and a styler, pay 97 cents for two and get back $1 ECB, making both free, plus 3 cents, which is an infionitely better deal than just having got the one free.

Many thanks to Kathy for not only calling my attention to the problem, but for asking her question again when I continued to make my mistake. You DO need two products. BUT you can still get both free. So, go get a better deal than I did! Hope this settles the confusion!

Love and kisses,

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