Monday, July 11, 2011

Mornings with Jonny

I so enjoy getting up with Jonny, spending a few minutes with him before everyone else gets up. Sometimes, if it's not hot out yet, we go sit outside and enjoy being outside without hearing cars or the people in the apartment building behind our yard. The unspoiled quiet kind of reminds me, just a little, of a brand new snow. When I was small, I would wake up to a new, crisp snow and it would be still untouched, the plows hadn't been there yet, and it all looked perfect.

Of course, it was still snow, and one of the reasons I am happy to live in Southeast Texas is that there is no snow. :)

But I do love my time with Jonny, early as it is, just the two of us. He likes to sit and laugh with me, cram as much of his shirt into his mouth as he can, and try to kick whatever his toes can reach. I love his sweet little happy grin when I pick him up, like he's been touched by sunshine because Mommy is coming to get him.

I know it won't be like this for long. He'll want to sleep in like the big kids soon. So I guess I'm just trying to love it while it lasts!

Love and kisses,

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