Friday, July 1, 2011

Remember That Water Table? Want to Know How I Got It For Free?

That's right. I got that awesome, super-fun water table for my son, from, and I did not pay for it. Check out the review post here.

I used my Swagbucks Money! What's a Swagbucksis, you ask?

Well, Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you at random for searching. You sign up, and search through there as you would with Google or any other search engine, and the program awards you with points (Swagbucks) at random. Your points add up to earn prizes. The best way to spend your points is, every 450 points, you can earn and gift car worth $5. Those then add up to become a pretty decent amount of Amazon credit, and you can buy your kid something awesome, like a water table.

Or anything else Amazon carries, of course. Diapers, wipes, groceries, books. Anything you want to buy!

Lucky for you, TODAY is Mega Swagbucks Day - Just like every other Friday - where there are way bigger rewards! Up to 50 points in a single search!

You get 50 just for signing up, so you are already close!

Search & Win

Just click that little icon there and sign up, and you'll start earning!

Love and kisses,

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